Monday, November 24, 2008

Pics from Sara's pre-wedding soiree

Yesterday we had a soiree at Azlina's house....actually nak celebrate Sara's upcoming wedding in December and meet up (since it has been ages since we sat down for drinks) to have a look at Azlina's wedding photos...

Yeah, I know. Az had been married almost one year plus sekarang baru kitorang sibuk nak tengok wedding photos. But tengok wedding photos is such a good excuse to get together...and she has like more than 10 albums....satu petang pun tak abis!!!

Ini adalah pic mini donuts that I just can't take my hands off! Plus the donut dok nicely in front of my serving plate. Hahahah! That day Azlina served kuey tiow and mihun goreng, and I brought ice cream (which I happily dip dalam donut! sedap!!!) while sara came with murtabak.

Dari soiree jadi pot luck pulak! Hahahaahah!

This is the bride - to-be. Tak lama lagi jadi bini orang dah.....

Me with Maznee, her daughter Erin and Izwain....anak dia dah one year plus, and sangat cute ok...

That's Izwain in front of the (uber-cool) flat screen TV (with the House Bunny in DVD). Actually, I wanna snap the serving plates and cases. Cantek kan? They were all wedding gifts. Cool. Bestnya dapat guest yang bagi crystals as wedding gift.

Jo....she became the model for Az's english style sofa and curtains. You just have to love it kan??

OK, Erin pakai kasut sebab papa dia dah tunggu kat bawah nak balik....

And that is obviously your's truly kan??
We exchange stories, catch up latest buzz (hahahaha!) and laughed our way out till almost 7pm. I definitely had a good time!
Mana Azlina?? Hahahaha! I lupa nak snap gambar dia! Anyway, her house is lovely. Babe, we can do it again soon aite???

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