Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rasa macam nak demam je...

Seriously, by 5pm yesterday I was not feeling very well. Macam nak demam je. So despite having plans to hit the gym, I merayau-rayau kat OU till around 6.30 pm then later head straight back home to hit the sack.

Its just that as soon as I reach home I rasa macam tak boleh tido pulak.Pusing punya pusin punya pusing. Last-last end up watching DVD's at home.

*yeah. Have a bunch of "unwatched" DVD's that has been piling up since the last two weeks. Its time to do justice*

So I started off with a dance movie. Can't remember the title, but the movie (must I say specifically - dance moves) is awesome. Simple story line - a girl dreams of going to dance school, didn't make it during the auditions, later turned dancer and at the end tried to audition again - but the choreography is great.

Definitely a must watch. So happy that I did.

The after that I moved to Camp Rock. Ergh. Patutla tak payah tengok pun takpe. So glad its over and done with.

By the time the two disc ended its already 9.30pm and I went on watching the usuals Burn Notice and Criminal Minds on 8TV. Oh....soka soka. I like both shows a lot. Rasa nak cari DVD je, but if I have the DVD's aku nak tengok apa on weekday nights?

So sabar je la ...tengok tv.

Sakit2 pun jadi TV bug.

Anyway, can't wait till tomorrow. I am going to the Garden's to pick up "The Dress" and Bailey's chrsitmas pressie. Yup. He called me from Manila early this morning (yeah, like 9am early) to make sure I get his email on the shoes that he wanted.

Nasib baik my favourite cousin. Aku layankan.

I just called the store manager to book the shoes. hahahaha. Yeah. He bought so much we even made friends with the store manager.

Anyway, I hope this dreadfull fealing will subside. Tak soka la time2 macam ni demam!!! Macam mana nak party weekend ni!


tengah sakit ni still sibuk fikir pasal nak party.


f.i.e.z.a said...

camp rock tu kan, my niece siap hafal dance n lagu dier.bebudak suke kot cite ni..

Zuraida said...


lagu dia macam tak abis-abis okey. naik muak i.

kalau jonas brothers tu handsome macam zac afron tak pe la jugak...ni hmmm, agak kurang sikit.