Friday, November 28, 2008

Reality : Everyone's Starting to Stop Blogging and Privating!

Yesterday my dear Shena buzzed me over YM...

Shena : kak zue, semua orang dah private.
Shena : Bencinya!!!

*that's an excerpt of our brief YM chat, since I was on YahooMobile, I wasn't there long*


Sad but true.

Because who-know-who doing you-know-what, a lot of us who didn't wish to be entagled in the so-called mess created by this so-called-loser had decided that its about time to go private and stop sharing our life's joy and laughter.

Because most of the time, our joy is translated as "berlagak", "suka menunjuk-nunjuk", "indah khabar dari rupa" and what not.


I like to quote Kimora Lee when people slam her for showing off her fabulousness;

*in more or less the same words"

"....I am not flaunting what I have and I don't care in flaunting what I have. All I was doing is sharing with everyone my happiness and my achievements and in doing so, sending a message that they too can achieve their dreams...."

You go girl! Well said!

Many of us don't care what evolves in other people's lives, and we blog about things that made us happy to share our happy moments with people we love. Its pitiful that sore losers who are green with envy suddenly make things personal and ruin the moment.

This people can move on... "to the left, to the left"...

That, we get from Beyonce.


Shmea said...

hey. i agree. lea pun malas blog dah. hmph.

f.i.e.z.a said... ramai my fav blogger dah private.dlu suka bace tina nye blog.she really make my day w her bcos of losers yg envy tu terus dier xmo dah blogging publicly..huhu..
fza blogging pun xde niat nak menunjuk ke hape.kate blog kite kan.sukati kite laaa nak tmpek ape..ish.geram jugak kengkadang..
n pls dont private ur blog.kalo nak pun invite me k :)

I am a mommy to be said...

those ppl are full of jealousy. and have lotsa time to talk bad bout other ppl which truly means that they r a bunch of losers. who r they to judge? diorg lebih teruk daripda org yg diorg kutuk. loser.

Zuraida said...

lea & bonda...
yeah, i feel you!!!!!

sigh. nak buat camno?takpe la, nanti if I ever want to go private will holler ya.