Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silver Lining of The Day

Got a call from Fahmi Rosli recently and as soon as I said the word wats up he blurted...

‘I saw the pics u took last weekend...its great!‘

Ok.Hold on your horses.Yours truly pun haven't laid eyes on them (except some of the unedited version during the shoot) and seriously speaking when I heard that my heartbeat starts racing eagerly.


Ok.Its understandable if Fahmi got a firsthand look at it since Nuril,my photographer,is his bestie.After a few minutes of probing I finally found out...nuril added a few of my shots as his latest project in FB.

Aku pun mulalah gigih check nuril's FB.Hahhahaha.Gumbiranya!

Thank God he'll be dropping by office tomorrow with the CD,hahahah,so I tengah tak sabar sabar nak tengok the rest of the photos!

Now I am smiling widely up to my ears,and can't sleep.Bummer.Hahaha.Anyways,I love the photos he loaded to FB today,and hopefully there are more photos to love when I get hold of the CD.Wowwee!Its not such a bad day after all.


zie said...

I can't wait to see the pictures too

mylife said...

babe! nak tgk jugak!!!!