Friday, November 14, 2008

Still in office...and reminiscing over yesterdays Amazing Race Asia 3

I have packed my stuff to leave when suddenly I was stopped...

"Zuraida, can you stay for a while till we clear everything off??"

Okay, there goes my yoga plans.Sigh.I unpacked with mixed feeling (hmmm....actually with slight retaliation) because jeez I have nothing to do anyway, but then, takpe la, what the heck. It's just for one day. And monday is a holiday for me anyway, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay back and be a team player....

*Yeah, nanti kalau retaliate kang jadi hostile pulak. Not good on a Friday night*

My cik abang tunang just called, he's chilling at HRC. Oh my oh I am stuck at work, laki aku sibuk pi happy hour. Ni yang lagi nak lari ni....

*Its okay its okay.....Monday is a holiday. So long that no one from office call me back once I leave later, I will be good*


My mind is floating elsewhere, despite being physically bound to my desk. Last night was a better which by this time I am already sitting eagerly in front of the TV at Arif's place with my Muv It Muv It meal watching The Amazing Race Asia 3.

*Yeah...rasa macam budak2, nibbling my McShaker Fries while watching TV*

Nasib baik mak arif cool je.Hehehehe. Jauh aku datang tengah tengah malam buta just to watch the show. Ye la, my favvy Ida Nerina and Tania is at Top 3. Takkan nak miss kot???

For the next 2 weeks I am so not going to miss it...till I now who wins.

*please let Ida and Tania win, please let Ida and Tania win...the mantra goes on.....please don't let Geoff and Tish win....please eliminate them asap, or make them do something they can not do they instantly give up...please!!!!!!!!*

Sheesh I sound desperate. Padahal bukannya aku dapat apa-apa pun.

Apa? I know I know...biasanya Thursday night I watch horror drama's kan, and usually Amazing Race is not my thing...but this leg of the race got me hooked and I am ADDICTED! Heroes 3 pun tak buat I addicted macam ni. So I only resume to the horror drama when the race was over at 10pm.

*Ala...puaka tu baru start. Tengah bosan pun.*


I hope I can go back home soon. I want a bath. I want a long refreshing bath.

*OK, stop it!Don't get wrong ideas!*

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swit@kon said...

sape menang?sape's ida n tania? i tetido :(