Friday, November 21, 2008

A talk with the Banker

I don't understand the bankers....seriously, they call non-stop if your payment is due, and when its not due, they don't give a shit if your address change, your kitten die or you went to hell.

Ok, the last two memang patut la dia tak ambik pusing, but then important things like contact info, takkan kena pergi hentak pintu bank kot baru nak update?

The thing is I already had a hard time with the developer terminating my SPA, so fine, I even informed the loan officer about it and I thought its already taken cared off.

Apparently my stupid-ass developer still tak call bank. So interest aku jalan.

Stupid tak?

And since the bank annoyingly calls me over accrued installments (and I purportedly missed it, hahaahah!) I finally decided that today should be the day that I should settle this once and for all.

So I give them a ring...

Banker : xxxx Bank. How can I help you.

Me : Hi, I am calling about my oustanding loan installments.

Banker ; Can you give me your name and IC number.

Me ; Sure ( and buzzed the details)

Banker : Oh hi, so its you. Thank God you called. Your account has been due for 2 months.

Me : Errmmm...the SPA was terminated, didn't you get the notice?

Banker; (Blur??) Hmm, we were not informed of anything..

See...ini yang aku tak suka. Aku dah hantar fax dekat 10 kali still tak dapat notis. And developer mangkuk aku pun satu, sampai la ni tak settle ngan bank lagi??

Aku dah nak mula angin, tapi cuba cool, sebab suara dia ni sangat lemah lembut. Macam tak sampai hati aku nak sembur.

Me : ok,it seems like the developer has been doing an "outstanding" job again. Sigh. (so I went on ahead full blast explaining the situation).

But obviously being an accountant I know that it was not what the banker wants to hear. So I sugarcoated.

Me : Its ok, let us do it this way. I will make the payments on Monday. So stop bugging me (literally speaking lah). But I want the latest bank statement to date on total disbursement and total payments that have been made to date.

Banker : Ok. We can do that. But what is it again with the statement?

Blur sotong gila banker aku nih!

So there I was having to start explaining again!

It took me almost 10 minutes to get this (slow?) banker to understand what I need. Then sh blurted...

Banker : Sorry, but that is not part of my jurisdiction.

Me: Ok, then who is it? Aren't you handling my account now?

Banker : Yes I am handling your account.

*Oh the irony of it!*

Me : So you're saying that you are handling my case and you can't even provide me with the statement when the officer in charge is you?

Banker : (must have felt a bit trapped coz she starts using her boss as an excuse!) Errmmm...I have to talk to my boss.

Me : Ok, u do that. But I need to know who. And if you don't tell me who I won't make any payments.

Mesti dia dah gabra dah by time ni.

Banker : Okay. Maybe you should walk in to the branch that you have committed with and ask them to change the address.

Me : Oh, thats the thing. Every officer I spoke to gives me a different branch. So at the end the last one I have been talking to told me I can just fax him the letter. So I did. And he said its changed. Now you are telling me to do it all over again. So which branch?And who should I meet?

Ye la, takkan aku nak ambik cuti free2 then later sampai bank tercongok macam orang bodoh kan?

Banker : Errr...

Me : Unless you give me a solution this would never be resolved.

Banker : Okay. Why don't you fax me a formal letter and I will bring it up to my manager and see how it goes?

Me : Ok, that's a start.

*But if you can't give me the statement by Monday I wont bank in the money ok???*

Let's just wait and see what will happen....

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zie said...

I wonder what qualification they have? Rasernyer...nie kerani je la..kalau officer..takkan macam nie punyer...