Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tengah facial boleh sempat berblogging?

Yeah!Mesti korang ingat aku menipu.Tapi sumpah aku tengah dengan gembiranya meniarap atas katil kat MTM with mask slabbed on my face.

The thing is,my facial usually takes 2 hours or so,depending on how much zit they could extract every visit.And since my acne is like dried popcorn today,ivy spent an extra half and hour having the time of her life popping it out.

I hope this nightmare will soon end.

Despite the breakouts,i found out that my hydration level is getting better and my skin is fairer.Kudos to the fairer skin its making my acne break outs of late look really really bad. But then some of the huge ones on my forehead and right cheek is easing off,so I feel much better.

I try not to think about it too much.It will eventually stress me out,which is not good,because it might lead to more breakouts.


Today I signed up for the buy 5 free 5 facial course.I think its worth it,coz I love the fact that they tailor made the stuff they use on me from natural essences.So everytime I swing by its new stuff,not something out of s bottle that has been opened months ago.And they are all so cold.Must be just out of the freezer.

Lepas ni have to go straight to Geng Ying's place for her bbq party. Jo had called me twice dy coz I am supposed to convoy with her,but then since I am still here so paham paham je la,i will be glamorously late la.And oh,I better not forget my fiance,so kena pick him up first,or get him to pick me up.Mana mana la.Later have to immediately call him.

Ok.before I get caught blogging,I better sign off.

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