Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's lunch

Today we had our lunch at Yoshinoya (we meaning me and my collegues). Instead of having the normal beef bowl set, I tried the chicken katsu don.

I have never tried anything other than the beef bowl. But it was not bad. Oklah. For something less than RM10. See, I am smiling aite???

Ok, men playing around with chopsticks in the house...

That's wen chu's lunch. She didn't want the rice, so without it the food look soooo healthy. Kan?

The following is my beloved pepsi...

On the way back I grabbed one donut (lagi?) at Big Apple Donut. Sebab I am into chocolate these days, I bought alient (chocolate in, out and above....melampau!).
I am staring at it longingly, but I am keeping that for later...

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