Thursday, November 13, 2008

When H20 is scarce...

I think most of the people in office is starting to die of dehydration by now...

*ok, I'm exaggerating*

At least if not many, some of them would, which includes me.

Since I am in HL I drink at least 3 litres of water per day. That's my minimum body requirement. On an OK day, I will drink somewhat between 3 litres to 5 litres.

Yeah, I sound like a camel. But then I realised that only by drinking so much that I will feel less dehydrated.

So when the water dispenser emits less than 2 drops of water.....everyone has this soddy face all over (partly pissed, partly discontented) because now we have to boil water using the electric kettle, wait for the farking thing to cool off....before we get to consume it.

Sheesh. Minum air susah, tak minum air susah.

Somebody please get the dispenser fixed!


Shmea said...

bagus nya kak zue bole minum air banyak2. i need to do that too la.

Zuraida said...

thanks babe
aku masih kehausan kat sini....sebab tak de air...padahal dah minum dekat 2 liter dah