Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When would it ever end???

The day has been good so headaches, heartaches or whatsoever aches...just plain good old working day. The fact that the weather is neither too hot nor to cold is just fine by I had such a good night sleep that its giving me good vibes all day.

The weighing scale has been kind to me too. As I step on it this morning (yeah, I do it everyday first thing in the morning coz that's when the readings are most stable), the readings left a huge smile on my face.


It was good.

So as I cleared most of my review points I just can't help but feel positive.

Until the shit dropped from thin air (actually, it came via email....and me not liking it!).

Seriously, the last thing I need so close to the big boss review dateline is more shit to deal with. Sigh. But what to do. At the end of the day things need to be delivered, and its best to die before it is due rather than later when its already sent and your bombarded with even more ludicrous questions that spins your world around.


That's just me whining (over fact that pisses me).

At this point I seriously want all of this to be over and done with (so I can be happily merry over the weekend - see last post on my upbeat weekend plans - and go back to gym). But that hope seems a tad clouded, I suppose I might still end up burning the midnight oil on Friday night.

Oh no....

If I lack sleep I will look horrible on the wedding photos and the shoot.

Damn it.

So have to fight to someone over this. Who should I burn?

*if any of my current team members is reading this...yeah yeah I know you guys are at a worse off position compared to me...but still, we are in this shit together, right???*


mylife said...

woohoo! life has been so hectic fu as well i can see... apa lagik yg perlu kita buat rather than sabar an swallow up everything...

apa apa pon, CONGRATS! on losing so much in 2 weeks! cayalah... bbetul insap di situh, compared to me yg masih sgt pemalas... weight maintain but this belly melly sudah agak menunjukkan hasil melantak... hhahhaha

Lina Chan said...

kak zu~
baby tag akak..
busy keje ke?
cian btul..

take care..
luv u~