Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Its going to be a hectic week. In fact, the momentum had already crashed yesterday with all the workload.....I am crossing my fingers hopefully I can clear the workload by Wednesday (huge sigh!!!!), coz if that is ever possible, it will be a relaxing weekend. Hahahaha.

*Tapi bos sudah pesan awal2 that Friday will be a work-till-midnight day!*

I know....since I have been busy (and partially neglecting this page) a lot of peeps have been missing me. Dearies....me miss you too!!!!Hahahahah!!!Sompah tak tipu...

Here's some thoughts that cross my mind recently...
1. Oh kena pergi Bangsar mau buat...... and jumpa Mrs Ajib. Wei...kali ni jangan cancel okeh???

2. Can't wait for the weekend...there's Cynthia's wedding, Liza's wedding (yang ada joget lambak) and my own pre-wedding (testing) photoshoot (that has been gloriously rescheduled). Ooo...banyak gila event.

3.My pimples are still popping like nobody's business, though left cheek is already somewhat clear compared to the last 2 weeks. Damn it. I can't help but stare at my mirror for hours after shower. I baca Ratu Sehari last weekend and it says that its not good to stare at the mirror so that you can ward off evil spirits. At the rate I am going, if that is ever true I will be super doomed by now.

4. Aku harus ke gym!!!Damn it, due to the late nights at work I have been (lazily) neglecting my exercise regime...and it kills me to read Hot! and found out all the hot mama's (Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, etc) all did consistent work outs (more like boot camp work out) to lose their pregnancy weight. Sigh....and they're all superstars ok. Patutla commonner macam aku (that slacks with gym most of the time) can never get their toned hot body.

5. I am sticking to my HL diet and no matter what....try to ignore all the temptations that's forced to my face. (yeah, telan air liur je la tengok biskut tambun atas meja okeh!). So far I have moved from 75kg (weight post raya....which I am so not proud of because it flushes all my pre raya effort down the drain) to 71.9kg (this morning) since the 15th...that's 3.1kg lost in about two weeks. Hooray.

*pat at the shoulder...good girl!....about 10kgs to go now....kalau gigih can lose within 2 months!*

Ok...me going back to slaving myself to my client....cya all peeps!

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