Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009 peeps!

I better get my new year's wishes out because otherwise it'll be really late...

So here it goes...


As for me I will be home attending to wedding stuff.Will update on the latest buzz on Friday.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh indahnya dunia bila dapat bershopping...

I spent my free time since yesterday shopping for christmas pressie and barang hantaran.

*yes folks,aku dah kembali membeli belah setelah sekian lama menahan diri*

Oh bestnya.Teringat zaman dahulukala when tiap2 minggu shopping bag tak lekang disisi.

Those were the days.


This time I am definitely more cautious on spending,since there are more expenses to come in the next couple of months.I only grabbed a few pairs of flatties on sale from Twins@ Isetan for myself,the rest of the purchases are mainly my barang hantaran for arif.

Dalam hati sebenarnya geram je tengok kasut and bag kat Nine West.Sigh.What to do.Till I get this wedding preps and expenses over and done with sampai la tu la kena be carefull with how the money is spent.Ye la,kalau tetiba emergency last minute takde duit mana nak korek kan?Takkan nak menyusahkan orang.

Dengan possibility gawat lagi tahun depan.


Frankly speaking I am a bit worried.

But since everybody is in a jolly good mood lets just be merry.

Cya tomorrow peeps!Have a very merry xmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tolak ketepi everything....I'm on holiday mood...

Semalam MC. Sakit. Malas nak elaborate. Nanti sakit hati pulak. By the way, things are slowly easing up. I am calmer today, sebab I took the approach malas la nak fikir all the itsy bitsy details.....nanti wrinkle forhead aku baru tau.

Yeah. Sedih-sedih selalu nanti develop perpetual frown. I don't want that. From today onwards have to smile more. Ease the facial muscles more.

Thank God for my La Mer eye cream. Sedih ke, meraban ke....muka sembap tapi mata maintain. Takde dark circle. Takde puffy eye.

Total lifesaver.


Hari ni my holiday mood kick in. Ye lah, paycheque masuk semalam. Lega sikit hati dah ada duit lebih sikit for the wedding, which reminds me that later need to be set aside for safekeeping. Dalam hati dah panjang berjela2 list of "things to buy", but seriously I don't think that any of that is achievable since kena berjimat cermat sikit for the next few weeks till March sebab obviously with the wedding getting closer banyak duit nak kena pakai.

*Ye lah, aku bukan anak orang kaya. Takde trust fund, so saving je la ada.Sigh.Nak bayar duit MICPA membership lagi....*

So far dah settle my xmas shopping. Tinggal beli pressie untuk arif je.

*Mentang2 bengang ngan dia keep his pressie for last. hehehehe. Masuk list bad boy nanti takde pressie*

Thank God sempat beli the gift for tonight's xmas party at Nikki's. Meraban cari benda within rm15 ro rm20 budget that's unisex. Barang lelaki selalu mahal2. Then bila jumpa barang budget its below rm15 pulak.


Last2 I end up with a Nike water bottle. The mini size. Cute. Color biru.


A mention in you-know-who's blog slightly dampens my mood. Tak pasal2 aku yang neutral ni jadi bahan. Eh, korang takde kerja lain ke? People mind your own business la, bukannya aku pi kacau korang ke apa. Ada aku pi bloghop dari satu blog ke satu blog dan dengan perasaan hasad dengkinya meninggalkan komen membunuh? Ade aku caci maki orang lain? Takde kan? Yang korang busuk hati sangat tu apesal?


Orang2 macam ni la yang merosakkan bangsa sendiri. Cakap orang muka pecah, tapi tak cermin muka sendiri.


Let's not ruin my existing good mood. Baik aku sambung buat kerja. Kalau layan loser2 yang tak kenal orang ni sampai esok tak abis cerita.

Have a good holidays folks!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Many little small things....and again weddings....

Last weekend was a mix of pain and joy.

*pain for for the rest. Not a bad me....I am truly happy to my newly wedded prayers and best wishes is always with you guys*

Its just that I feel like my own life (and plans) is skidding like a rollercoaster that somewhat bidding its time to get off course. Sheesh. Again....I am not trying to be a drama queen tapi seriously, I am reaching a breaking point here.

But enough about me. If I talk too much then it might just bite me at the end. So better keep my mouth shut.zipped.


Was invited to Shena's wedding (which was yesterday noon) but was feeling sick to the I end up in between my sheets till 3pm....missing everything by a landslide....

*Ini semua salah arif!Benci!*

But I bet she look gorgeous....

Shena, on her nikah courtesy of her friends in FB.

Dear Shena,

Sorry I can't make it.I nak sangat pergi, but I was drugged out with meds and I can't drive. It ws not only till much later (like 5pm) that I finally regain composure and manage to pull myself out of bed.

*Itupun thanks to my mom. Otherwise aku dok la kat katil tu the whole weekend. Beranak pinak kat situ macam hamster*

I wish the best for you and your newfound joy and hope you will have a blessed life!


Though I missed Shena's wedding, I was still able to make it to Sara's wedding. I brought my mom along. Sayang pulak RSVP plus one then aku pergi sorang2....macam jahat je rasanya. But I was so happy I did go.

Met old friend. Had good food....

And Sara was like a princess. Lip lap lip lap. I like! hahahahaah!!!

My ex collegues from PwC.. picture time....
The following are photos with the newlyweds before we said our goodbye's...

Ini gambar pengantin experienced.....Azlina and Fadzrun

Ini gambar couple yang sangat experienced berposing....

And that's me trying to keep my depression at bay so that I won't spoil other people's big day. And miss Diva yang sedang bergembira di backgroud ala2 paparazzi snapping shots at the red carpet....heheheheh

Thank God I managed to keep neutral and had a good time.

Dear Sara,

You look so beautiful I almost cried!Sob sob!*Babe, its a good thing* I had such a great time, and its so good to see you so happy with your new hubby...

Lepas ni buat cute little babies k, so Erin have friends to play with!


I (have yet again) experienced insomnia... for obvious reasons there are so many thing in my mind (that could have been avoided if the whole "my MIL is a drama queen" debacle didn't happen) and the saga continues....

They say a wedding can make or break a relationship. *huge sigh* I don't know, I am just hoping for the best, and hopefully the ending of my story won't be a sad one...

Pray for me?


Saturday, December 20, 2008

So tired...

I can't sleep again last night.At 4am I am still tossing ang turning and I tried all available method to make me sleep.

I don't know what time I finally doze off.At 9.30am my mom woke me up with an sms.

Sheesh.Dah kena bangun.Demmit.

I tried to sambung balik.I thought if I pull back my bedcovers I can go on for another hour and this headache might go away.

Tapi,that did not happen.

I toss and turn again till an hour passed by.


This is major.I need my sleep.I can't go on like this. Everytime I try to sleep my mind starts spinning and I start to worry.

Aargh. Aku tak suka.

Without sleep I get agitated easily.I then become a stick prick that in turn annoys people around me.

Bad.Very bad.

Maybe it's time I go to the pharmacy and ask for sleeping pills.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bergelap di depan taman

It has been ages since I pergi taman malam-malam.Dulu masa bercinta kat U dulu pernah la pergi jalan2 kat taman at night.It seems like ages ago.

But now hete I am parked at a mini park in front of Liza's house..waiting for her to get home from her inlaw's house.

What?Ingat aku berdating ke?

Tengah krisis ni mana boleh dating2.Until a point is made tak boleh tunjuk lemah.


Not that it mattered.Hehehe.

Okla.Gtg.She's here.

Doing it all over again...

Did I tell you how the drama ends yesterday??

Well...lets run through the snippets - arif came by, we spent 2 hours talking (yeah, and partly fighting...oh sangat drama lagi) and at the end of the day we kissed and make-up....literally speaking. Ok la, we want to McDonalds and raised a white flag over curly fries and burger.

We had come through a potential solution....and with that, a lot of work need to be done. Technically, now the wedding has to be done again from scratch.


It's not exactly not what I wanted in the first place, but kan kata compromise. So hopefully with this compromise, his mom would leave us alone.

Please....let it be ok this time. Seriously kalau sejarah berulang a lot of blood will be shed.


Living things at that, my mom got a bit worried, called me up at 8am in the morning to announce that she will join my sister at my place this weekend.

*Maybe she read my blog. Maybe that scares her.So rather than letting me commit suicide and die alone in a 1000sqft box I called home, she'd rather swing by and make sure that I have proper care.Mothers will always be mothers....sigh*

So today is a busy day. Since arif agreed that we need to run through the wedding preparations (again) this weekend (and in light with the current circumstances - change in venue, no of headcount, caterers....) - we had to come up with a new quote which is more or less under the same budget.

*In which I found it nonsense in the first place because due to the drama we end up losing the booking money we earlier put on the initial much for saving cost....maybe I should take that loss into account when tabling the new budget so that he would realise it.*

So the whole day I was buzzing like a bee.

Jeez. Bolehke aku bertahan ni??

Esok mau scout bunga kat Petaling Street, since arif kata dia ada kerja and we won't be sitting for the kursus kawin this weekend...

*Dia ada second thoughts ke??*


Why am I wondering about him when I should ask the same question to myself?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Am I Doing???

Last night I didn't get to sleep. Hours passed, i think some time at 4am there is a slight stint of more or less like a sleep when I feel as if my body is light in the air, but then after a few seconds there is a round of shots burst in my gunshots.

Seriously aku ingat that time aku kena tembak.

And it was going on non-stop. Macam kena tembak dengan M16 then I realised I start to panic.

Then, I opened my eyes.

I was coughing.


The next hour I became friendly with the toilet seat as phleghm continuosly try to pave their way out of my human body. Mixed with vomit of whatever food I have consumed less than 24 hours prior. I hate this part - the part where I am almost glued to the toilet seat, sick to the bone...limp.

By the time it was over I heard the azan.


Now, that means I didn't sleep (almost) all night and my eyes are dried up like a dry well. Painful.

I didn't know what time exactly I went back to bed, but I was awaken by shena. Nasib baik. Kalau tak terbabas lagi pagi ni. Baru berazam whatever the cost I want to turn back into my workaholic-self and just go on with work, work and work and the next day dah datang lambat.

*In which I meant it. Sumpah lepas ni aku mula gigih bekerja. Because at the end of the day my employers won't fire me the way I got fired yesterday. so they definitely deserve more loyalty now*

Despite that, I didn't wake up and shower immediately. I lost almost half an hour terduduk atas katil.Bila I tengok jam tiba-tiba I panik (again) sebab I tak tau macam mana I could have lost the half an hour sitting still at the corner of the bed.

Sigh. Dah mula dah.

Over the pass 6 hours I manage to pull myself together, go to work. Sit at my desk. Try desperately to suppress my tears. Burst into tears when zie called for almost half an hour. In no particular order.

I even skipped team lunch coz I felt sick to the bones and vomit. Again.

Maybe I should go back home and sleep it off. But I know, if I am at home I will start crying again, so it's better that I sit in office.

I thank many concerned friends that had occupied my time earlier today, with support. But seriously, if you haven't heard my voice and see how devastated I am (like zie did), you won't feel my pain and brush this off as pre-wedding arguments. It's not just a disagreement.

It's a disgrace and my men is not even fending for me.

So where does that leave me?

What the F is happening?

Its almost 3am in the morning and I am drained.Sumpah pagi nanti masuk kerja mesti mata bengkak/lebam with dark circles beyond your imagination,to have a prada sunnies to cover them will be great.

Dahla ada team lunch.Oh this is just great!

Its just that I don't have a prada sunnies.The YSL sunnies that I have is broken beyond repair months ago.

I cried and cried and cried the whole night. My heart is broken to pieces and I can't believe that things are spinning out of control.

What heppened?

Lets just say that though problem's with MIL is bound to happen,its okay if your man is next to you.

I now realised that my man is vulnerable to his mom emotional blackmail.And at the end of the day, he would do anything to please his mom.

It left me crushed.

On top of that there's the humiliation.The sarcasm.

What?I am not good enough for your son but you can't spit it to my face?

So we talked/screamed/pleaded/cried. At the end i was exhausted.

It goes on and on the entire night.

I can't believe this is happening.

He loves me.He loves me not.

Huge sob!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gila pening kepala the whole day...

I feel like I am going to go down with a flu...

Macam nak demam tapi badan tak panas, macam nak kena flu tapi takde selesema...teruknya rasa. Kan elok kalau sakit tu clearcut sakit terus direct kena plain and simple??

But the good news is, my sore throat is history. Thanks to the herbal tea at OU's chinese tea counter yesterday.

So today, I dragged Chun Seng temankan I pergi beli lagi...this time for flu and cough. ye la, aku tak gheti cakap cina, so nanti nak order macam mana?

After a dose of the bitter tea with 3 in one powder (for sore throat, cold and cough)....baru badan ni rasa lega sikit. Sigh. Tapi dah kenyang2 with lunch ni rasa best pulak kalau dapat tido.


Nape la tabib cina tak boleh issue MC? kalau tak after drinking the tea/powder drink boleh terus go to bed.


Crossing my fingers that this will pass on soon. Because of this I missedc gym since Monday.

So. Not. Good.

Can you believe that he's named after Adolf Hitler???

*photo courtesy of news @ yahoo*

Such a cute baby...too bad his name is Adolf Hitler Campbell....

Sheesh. Dalam banyak-banyak nama, nama tu jugak parents dia nak bagi.


Seriously, parents....please consider your children's future the day you named them. Naming them after a historic genecist might do more harm than good when your boy is growing up.

That's why nobody else (sane enough) would name their son after him.

We've heard Osama before...maybe after this we would here of Saddam Hussein and George Bush.

I don't get women who don't get it

Despite my rising flu and sore throat...I brave through the night in front of the tv so I can catch One Three Hill, Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica at 8TV. Sigh. Dulu aku tak suka pun any of the shows (except Gilmore Girls...oh, itu all time favourite), but now I am hooked on OTH because of the cute little boy that became the new Lucas kid and I am too deep into BG that I nak tau what happened to the cyclons.


*Cepat gila terpengaruh*

Nasib baik these shows are labeled as "TV material only" and I have no urgent need to bang doors of pirates friends that I knew off to get a copy of new episodes everytime.


Last night 8TV was giving out the new Beyonce CD entitled "I am Sasha Fierce" and the song "If I were A Boy" aired on and on again to a point its driving me sick.

Oh my. That song is something I don't get.

To me its a plea of a desperate heartbroken women that denied the fact that the guy she' s dating is not worth it.

Picture this...

You have been with the guy for years. You love him wholeheartedly that he is your world, your everything, You breath, eat, think of him to a point that no matter how many times he lied/ cheated/ taken you for granted, you felt that it is impossible to live life without him.

Despite his philandering ways, ignorance and what not you give him chance after chance to make the relationship work because he is your very breath.

Because he brings the life in you.

Because his curves fit yours just like it was made for you.

But the fact remains that he is just another jerk who would never understand/listen/care to even consider your very existence and put himself first...and you, somewhere before the bottom of his list.

One day he abruptly said "were done" and "here's the way to the door, leave and never come back" and your world suddenly crashes.

Then you sang "If I Were A Boy".

Newsflash.....these days we don't need jerks to glorify our existence. Men should complement us, not take us down. If he's the source of pain...heal yourself by trimming him out. Because pleading ain't gonna do it. If he ever had loved you, he'll be pleading for you.

Especially if he showed the door out.

We have all been there. Laugh, joy and heartbreaks is part and parcel of life. But when it comes to men some women may find them their achilles heel - no matter how successfull or good you are in life, they always make you make the wrong choices - your weekest point, the biggest mistake.

To some its better be with someone that hurts you rather than be alone and single. Sigh. Sad but true, there might be lonely nights when you wish the jerk is around just because you are only.

But babe, you are better than that.

There are supporting friends, a loving family.

You are better off without him. Period.

A guy who showed the door to such a strong and beautiful person does not deserve what he already had and let it go. His loss...not yours.

So for all the girls who dig "If I Were A Boy" proud that you are not. That you are just a girl.

Coz we don't need boys, don't we?

As for soulmates, one of these days they will come by. If the last one doesn't work out how could they ever be "THE" soulmate?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More MMS from mom...

By now project bunga pahar sudah semakin suksess...hahahaha....dah merimbun-rimbun dah...

I called it a farm.

I am totally in no mood to do anythings because of the sore throat I am having now.


Sebab tak tahan tadi ikut wen chu minum chinese herbal tea to kill the sore throat.

Pahit. Nak. mati.

*Oh I sound like rinie. Hahahahah! Bonda di manakah kamu??*


Kan best kalau boleh dok kat umah and tido je?

Wedding preps kick off

My mom sent me this over the weekend with a note ....

"Dah start buat bunga pahar dah!!!!"

In the background is my dearly beloved sister working her ass off for me. See, macam mana la aku tak sayang my siblings kan??? Siapa la yang sanggup bersusah payah untuk my darling old me....

Ingat nak tukar buat bunga dip, since this bunga pinang idea was from last year. But my mom seem over-excited about it, and since we have almost everything to make it (the dried bunga pinang, bunga cengkih, ribbons and whatnot) I suppose it is no harm to just go on with it.

Besides, kalau nak harap aku keluar duit beli kat kedai memang tak dapat la....satu cucuk RM26. So just count my blessings that my mom is actually in the mood to cater to my wimp...though it was something from yesterdays.

Maybe if she can do extra's we can use the same theme for the dulang hantaran...hmmm...i should text my mom and sis. hahahahaah!

Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Buzzkill...

My weekend roadtrip became a Sunday Day-Trip because at the very last minute, my cik abang tunang-cum-driver had to work on Saturday. There you go...out of the window...excitement of being away for the weekend.


Nak marah pun dah tak kuasa dah.


That leaves me free for tomorrow.

Sheesh. Why oh why will the pay only be in on 22nd? Why not today?

Aku nak shopping!!!!!


Had a quick tour of the mall during lunch hour and definitely spotted some "stuff" that I would like to have. Heheheheh. Too bad I can't get any of them! benci!benci!benci!

Maybe I could just settle with the Prosperity Burger @ McD later.

As I look into the mirror....

I see me!

*huge smile*

I don't hate myself. But I definitely need improvement. Sigh. It has been a while since I last wear make-up to work, today looking at the washroom mirror I felt somewhat....down.

Not that I am ugly. Far from that. Its just that I feel that maybe its about time to make changes.

Maybe I should wear make-up to work everyday.

Maybe I should start waking up an hour earlier, and do my hair nicely (as in blow dry or what not) before I drive my CLK out to work.

Suddenly, I felt that there is so much thing lacking.


And for that I will need....

1. A new tub of Stila's Tinted Moisturiser in color 03 which suits my current skin color (which is somehow a bit tanned!gilo!time hujan aku gelap, time panas aku putih. I'm getting confused here) since my existing foundation seems to be too fair.

2. A new tub of loose powder that will complement the above.

3. Blushers in orange and light pink tones. Maybe I can just get the bargain ones at Elianto (their blusher is ok) or if I am lucky, I can get more at Benefit. The existing one will be running out soon.

4. Lipstick. In younger colors. I look at the ones I have now and it makes me feel old. Will have to go to revlon for that.

5. Stila lip glaze set of 6 now selling at the counter!! The mini size easy to carry gloss is my fav, and I have run out of them since June.

Gila! I need a make-up case make-over.

And lupa pulak....

6. i need new mascara!

Pay day is not till the 22nd, and I still have a long list of "things to buy" and "things to set aside for the wedding" and frankly speaking, I am getting a bit frustrated here.

Macam mana nak beli make-up baru ni???

Sabar-sabar.....jangan panik! Maybe I can buy them and slip it in "wedding cost". Hahahahah! If I manage to do that maybe it won't look so glaring.

Kalau macam tu banyak la benda nak masukkan dalam wedding cost ni.



Nope....not because I had a hot date!


I stayed at home the whole day yesterday. I need some time off from the world to recap, sit back and think what I want to do next (and how I am going to get the things that I want). I just need some time to black out the sorry events that happened the past couple of days (that pisses me off).

Besides, arif got work to do.

So I spent the whole day at home watching DVD's.....lots and lots of them.

Well, not that many literally. Just a lot of episodes. Equipped with a pillow and my plush queen size bed, I watch 6 episodes of Dirty, Sexy, Money Season 2 and 9 episodes of GossipGirl 1.


Yeah....train GG1 aku agak terkebelakang, coz the last time everyone was crazy about it, I decided to stick to the shows in TV, so I've seen some, missed some. But since I got myself the latest episodes of GG2 (yeah people, I got the second season episodes in my hard drive!), rasa macam rugi pulak kalau miss miss cerita, so i started over!

And so I will continue to watch more GG episodes when I stride home after gym later...

*yeah, walaupun kegigihan bergym bulan lalu telah terkubur since the week before raya...I'm dragging my ass back peeps, expect to see more of me on the threadmill*


After hours and hours and hours of drama, my life didn't seem that bad at all.

*At least its not that confusing as those the Darlings had in DSM....intriguing. Macam tengok Dallas je. Tapi aku soka.Hahahahah.....and I don't need to seek approval from bitches like in GG. So I should count my life as blessed...kan??*

I think I felt depressed tak bersebab. Macam tina kata, biasa la all this things happen kan. Sigh. Maybe its hormonal. Maybe its just me...

Maybe I should let it go...


By the's Friday!!!!

The week ahead will be jam packed with weddings. Will be out of town for my friend Riza's wedding in JB for this weekend, and next weekend we will be goinf to Shena's wedding and Sara's wedding....

*Hai...musim mengawan sudah tiba!*

More pics to come after weekend.....yeay!....and obviously more DVD slideshows la.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos from annual dinner last Friday....and a slight burst of frustration...

Pics from the wedding....hit the play button and the slide show will reel. That night was fun. Too bad a lot of pics goyang. Kalau tak there's a lot more to share (yeap, ini pun ada sikit2 goyang aku letak jugak!).

For the rest of the last weekend, the only thing I can say is that it has been a long week.

Part of it is good. Part of it is bad. Biasa la...what do you expect 3 months before a wedding? Drama, drama, drama....and seriously, bukan aku yang buat drama okeh....

To all my friends who are reading this....please bear with me for the next few weeks. And I know that some of you are drama queens (like hmmm hmmm...u know who you are), but then I have enough to deal with, so just shut the f*ck up and save the drama for your own wedding/events/whatever.

My family drama is enough to drive me to tears and break my brick by brick.


I had a long talk with my mom and she can only say to me...

"Honey, you get to choose your husband, but sorry, in life you don't get to choose you in laws. So just be patient". won't make me feel any different but worse, but then there's a slap of truth in that and I just have to learn the trick to live with it.

To most of my friends (who had always been there), I really appreciate the support and mucho mucho gracias for all the help (extended and will be extended) for the wedding and all and it will be great to see all of you there in March!

There you go, its official, I am getting married in March!

Obviously I am happy, don't get me wrong but with the date getting closer and closer its just normal I suppose to be excited and experience mixed feelings.

*I just hope I can get through this and not be scared to a point to calling it off - nauzubillah - aku tak suka benda2 go out of hand and if I am really really unhappy, I might run runaway bride? possible kah?*

Note : Yeah, you might be thinking apa la minah ni saiko sorang2, orang lain kawin jugak tapi relax je, but then what the heck....itu diorang kawin, ni aku kawin, different people face different things.

Anyway, don't let my soddy mood swings effect you. Hehehehe. I will be okay. Nanti kalau tak ok I jerit kuat-kuat so that all of you can aid me. Hahahahaha!

Enjoy the piccas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a long day....

Note : The annual dinner was fun. I had a great time. Pics to follow sometime next week. Will be busy with raya and take time to upload all of them. Maybe I will make another DVD presentation thingy with my Picasa3, so we can save loading time and viewing space...

I woke up at noon with a very bad stomach pain. I am not sure why I am having it but it was really really painful. My hair was everywhere, all rough and smell of hairspray.

Ni yang aku tak suka set rambut ni. The morning after makes me feel horrible macam pontianak.

I pull myself together and had my HL shake. The shake help me ease some of the gas in my stomach and I felt much better after a long shower.

*I tried the Pantene 3 minute miracle repair mask and it is great! I like it! I am going to get more!*

Then I packed and left for my mom's house for the weekend.

*Lepas stopover dulu kat KLCC's La Mer kaunter nak jumpa a salesgirl friend of mine Azura. Whine about my zits and she assured me its normal, since the purging effect is required to kick out all the dirt trapped in my inner layer skin cells. Sigh. But since we both are in the same situation (3 months back dia pun bar start the product around 3 months and having the same problem as mine) and now looking great...I took it positively, and cross my fingers that miracle could do happen.*

Let's not talk about the drive back. The traffic was bad.

Very. Bad.

It took me 3 hours to reach Tampin from KL and I am not driving anything more than 40km/h all the way between Nilai and Senawang. Sangat teruk.


Ok la. Gtg.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rummaging through my bags for jewelleries...

Tak sabarnya tak sabarnya...tomorrow is annual dinner day.

Hopefully there's nothing much to do tomorrow so I can take the firmwide half-day off to get ready. Not that there's nothing much to be done with, but I need to run some errands and it must be done tomorrow.

Kalau tak rupaku akan agak horrid tomorrow night.

*ok, i am obviously exaggerating.hahahaah*

Yesterday I look at my dress (longingly) hung ....screaming to be worn. sheesh. Its not something I can wear on a normal day out (yeah, gilo apo pakai dress keluar lepak mamak ke apa). So there it remains, hung. Untouched.

As I laze at home with nothing to do (and tv was super boring, because it was wednesday), I started to think of jewelleries to be worn with the dress.

Of course, diamonds would look great.

If not real diamonds, the glittery cubic zirconia like diamonds that cost about rm400 on display in OU will also look great.

But I don't want to spend so much just for one night.


So I went through my jeweelery case that had long been forgetten. Since I stop clubbing months back I rarely bother touching my collection of silvers and vintage earrings....some of them are dusty and screaming "please clean me or otherwise I will wither and die!".


Pitiful. Maybe when I can find some time next weekend I should sit down with my silver cleaner, properly sort my jewelleries and start cleaning them so it can be used.

*especially in times like this*

As I see my favourite pearl string necklace, I was reminded over the pearl earring+necklace+ring set I got for my engagement almost 2 years back. Its a huge pearl in faux diamond setting...the size of a gumball. That would stand out, especially at times like tomorrow where my dress is simply a plain tube dress. I like.

So aku mula mencari.

Then I can only find the ring and necklace. No signs of earrings.

Damn it!

Masa2 macam ni la ko nak buat vanishing act. It should be in the house somewhere, I just didn't know where.

At the end I spent an hour runsacking all my bags in and out of my bag wardrobe and found, among others (mostly stuff that I thought that I have lost);

1. My SJP Lovely EDT sample
2. My Stille Lipstick in Nude
3. My KPMG thumbdrive that I have declared lost last May
4. a few highlighters in assorted colors
5. Coins, coins and more coins
6. Calling cards of designers, saleman in designer boutiques, clients, target client and the list goes on...

In short : Banyaknye sampah2 dalam beg aku!


An hour later I found the pear earrings in one of my clutch bags.

Ni mesti time clubbing aku rasa earring tu berat nak mampos then I took it off and leave it in the clutch. So me.

I snap pics of the earrings and other jewelleries I am wearing (and the dress, of course) to be shown to Mi tomorrow, so that the hair will suit the overall look.


Herbalife Q & A - Detox

FYI, my 3 day detox program turn to only 2 day detox program, thanks to Mr Tan Wei Liew that lured me to eat Asam Pedas for lunch yesterday. So instead of fruits, I had a colorful meal which includes a bowl of rice, asam pedas ikan pari, telur mata and milo ais.

Then later that day, I was again lured to teh tarik place and had a roti canai.

Muahahahaha...there goes my detox.

But then, not all is lost. I woke up today..showered....felt guilty that I slipped on my final day....rummaged through my wardrobe and found nothing to wear....felt even more guilty when I found a size 14 top (which I am sure I can not wear because since last time I check, I was back to 16 because of my perut yang susah gila nak kempis balik) that apparently the last item in my wardrobe....and yada yada yada, aku terpaksa crunch into that size 14 top no matter what....


Despite everything, I tried it on...


Cepat2 iron and pergi kerja.Huge grin smacked on my face. I probably lost an inch sebab till now, not even a single button pun terbukak. Seluar pun macam longgar sikit. Takde la senak perut aku bernafas.

Bak kata Tina...sukses! In 3 days....

*ok la, 2 hari....sebab semalam terkandas.*

Now I am back on normal program, 2 shakes a day and 1 meal.

As I run through my emails, I found a distress call from zie....

*babe, takpe ye aku publish ni....just to share with others...kita belajar sama2 okeh*

The emil goes like this....

babe...i bagi my hubby minum HL tea sajer lepas tuh kan dier berpeluh kuat giler.... sampai perut sakit and kembung semua... and his stomach non-stop growling semua... dier memang ada history gastric and gout... the 1st week dier minum ---> gout dier okay..... tapi berpeluh banyak tak hengat la... tapi semalam kaki dier bengkak sampai tertengkot-tengkot semua... u boleh tolong check ngan karen tak? is this normal... i ask him to keep on taking the tea sebab it's detoxifying his body....

p/s : karen is my coach, if any of u guys haven't noticed. I check with her my meal plans, track progress, whine about my woes....she is my one stop HL centre and I extend her advice and kind attention to all my coachees as well...see, sangat baik hati aku ni....

And karen says....

Congratulations! That means the detoxification is working!

You know how detox flush out the toxin in your body. To some people who has body issues and a lot of toxin, detox would not be a confortable ordeal, since it will bring out all the problems so it could be addressed.

Example : If you have acne buried deep down in your face, it'll purge out. If you have constipation and water retention, you will go to toilet more frequent. And so the list goes on.

Of course, results and effects varies between person because of different body issues and health levels.

*Now that explains my toilet visits and slight headache here and there*

Over time the pain will ease out as the toxin is flushed out of the body.

The action plan moving forward is to maintain the tea intake. At the moment zie's husband is taking 2 liter of tea , with one mini scoop per 1 liter of is advised that if its too intense, to reduce the make the tea more dilutive by mixing only half a scoop to every liter of water.

To drink more water to help flush out the toxin in the body.

And to start her husband on the shake. The thing is, the shake is not only a weight loss meal. Its actually a health supplement capable of replacing a set of meal, which has sufficient nutrients for the body to sustain as if its consuming a complete meal. It can be taken for health purposes (which I know a few bosses of mine at office did and people I met during STS program) to improve overall health and general wellbeing, but mostly taken by women to lose weight because the low calorie it carries.

She can start the hubby on one shake a day.


Any progress buzz me. We can work on this together.

Almost lunch hour. Today is vegetarian day. Maybe I should go out and grab salad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visit Foxy Farah and Baby Farrell

After work yesterday, I teman Arif makan and we head straight to see Farah and her baby at KJMC. Waaaa....betulla kata Rinie, the baby is really really cute. Putih melepak. When we were there Farrell was sleeping in his cot, so I tak nak kacau. But he was so quiet, and peacefull, and he smiles when he is sleeping...



We didn't get to stay long, coz biasala, orang baru deliver (especially in Farah's case, her first baby) ramai relative and friends datang visit. Takpe takpe, we will have more time to get acquainted later kan?Especially after the confinement, she can join for breakfast again like always and bring Farrell along....


Mesti cute. Breakfast kat Bangsar. Baby playing at the side. Farrell, then later Putra, then later ada Tina's(yet-to-be-named) baby (girl?....hoho, aku agak je okeh, by the position of her tummy. Not that she said anything, tapi macam aku ada feeling je anak dia ni pompuan). Sigh.

*look, look...that's my new LV Neverfull in Damier Canvas! I held it so tight coz Farah wants it too...hahahah!*
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Charity Run 2008

The slideshow for photos taken during the run. I tried loading photos but it took too long and the pics didn't come up in the order I wanted them to be *grrrr*, so this is like my cheat sheet.

Or cheat video. Whatever.

*plus I look farking ugly in the lime green t-shirt.Urghhhh...tak soka.With a bad hair day. And a depressing state of being. Lagi.Tak.Soka.*

Actually this is my first attempt in attaching slideshow dvd I am pretty nervous on how it might end up.

*huge grin*

anyway....this is first to many more to come.....*hopefully*


Keep a lookout of the last photo in the cutie eye candy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On 3 Day Detox Program

Feeling down makes me feel fat. Sigh. And its not a good feeling, especially when you look back at the charity race photos. The out-of-the-bed-look-with-a-bad-hair-day-and excess-weight while clad in lime green colored top is sooo not appealing.

Tiba-tiba aku low self esteemed.

So I decided to go on detox. Maybe its time (again) to clear my bowels and she a bit of weight, since raya haji is coming soon and with all the lemang and rendang and what not, I might end up looking like a cow myself.

Too bad tak boleh just sacrifice just the fat portion. Otherwise dah lama aku volunteer.

So had been on detox since yesterday, and today is officially day 2. My detox menu is simple...take 3 herbalife shake a day and cut fruits for lunch and lots and lots of water.

Like 5 litres ok. Sompah tak tipu.

Adakah aku rasa kepenatan?

Yeah. To tell you the truth semalam when I went to the car to get my gym bag I feel really really dizzy. So I skipped gym and head home, and hit the sack till arif woke me up at 10pm. Sigh. Just in time for Criminal Minds, but I missed my visit to KJMC to see Farah's new bundle of joy.

Takpe, arif is taking me there tonight. From Rinie's reaction from her visit yesterday baby Farrell will be a heartbreaker (even if he's not a womaniser....seriously sangat cute kalah Ashraf Sinclair) in 20 years time.

By that I mean its a good thing. hahahaha. Jangan la nanti anak perempuan aku pulak yang tergoda. Hahahahah. Aku nak ajar dia women have pride and we never chase guys, its the other way round. So men must flock my beautiful baby girl.

Ok, enough of this, melalut pulak. Kawin pun belum sibok gebang pasal anak. Back to me feeling tired.

There's two possibilities to the tiredness; one is the after effect of the long and active weekend, another is because my detoxing is working and I am flushing it out.

Sigh. Hopefully I feel better later.

So far I am sticking to the expected regime. Belum terkandas lagi. Hopefully this will go on well till the end of tomorrow. So takde la sia2 usaha semalam. If I am luckyu my tummy will be less visible for the annual dinner on Friday....

Which will be great.

Post Raya Haji kena detox lagi to clear all the lemang and what not. Sigh. Kan senang kalau preggers macam Rinie and Tina, boleh makan sesuka hati. Ni dah dapat curtain call untuk bergigih kalau tak kalah ngan Mommy Farah, lagi malu wooo...

Lost to a mother.


Not going to happen.

The excitement is building up...

I try to look into the future positively, and keep my mind occupied with the wedding preps to pull myself out of my misery.

*okeh, it may sound bad, but actually I am feeling much better today, thank you!*

So far we kowtim the wedding date, the reception place and the timing of the events (this is important, sebab bakal MIL i sangat particular about this). We had surveyed photographers a few weeks back, and decided that Arif should decide on that, rather than me.

*yeah, despite wanting to be an ultimate perfectionist and make sure that everything I can kowtim for myself, I better give him things to do and be responsibled of to show his love and affection towards me...nanti dah kawin and all of the good things doesn't happen nanti menyesal pulak*

So today while sitting in office I scouted for mak andam and designer for the wedding. So far, I have sent a baju kurung to Liza's tailor, Che Wan. The baju should be ready by the end of the month. Tengokla, if its beautiful I wouldn't need to get another one for my akad nikah.

Over the past few days I have been browsing Ratu Sehari during my free time, and can't seem to shake off the name of one of the designer, FLP, in which I came to notice had quiet a nice idea on gowns and make-up.

So I called him.

After a few (long minutes) of talk, I found out that the charges are quiet reasonable.


I am getting hyped up!

So we set a date to meet (yet to be confirmed again, u tau je la, December and January kan musim orang kawin) and I am so excited to meet him.

I called arif. He seems agreeable.

Cant wait...can't wait....

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Gym 4 and 5

Setelah sekian lamanya slacking (again) and due to my recent depressed state, I have (again) hit the gym...

Macam gym tu tempat mengubat hati yang lara.

Yeah. I can't stand staying at home and mop around just to get myself driven to madness so an hour run, half an hour stretch and another hour of yoga did wonders.

Especially in killing time.

At this state I didn't feel much pain going in and out of the gym for 2 days straight till later on Sunday, after the charity run. I can feel the muscle tension all afternoon during nap time.


But I'm not going to whine about pain. I am going to buzz about two hot gym instructor which classes I ran to for solace over the last weekend.

Friday - Day 4

I hit the gym straight after work and had a good run and stretch. By the time I am done its almost 7pm....just nice for Mr Cutie (Kunal) gentle yoga class.

Only to be greated by another hottie...Mr J.

He usually give classes to more advanced students, that day he's just replacing Kunal for a night. OMG...bila dia tukar pose, he will show the proper way to flex your muscle so you can get the most out of the workout and show off the oh-so-delicious and toned muscles.

*'s really a sight to amaze.hahahaha.ok, i am exaggerating.please ignore me*

Mr J...I might drop by your other classes. I am still a beginner yogi, but please bear with me and be nice.


And of course...I will not frown or buat THE FACE on my next class.

If you ever know what I mean....

Saturday - Day 5

Again, woke up early (yeah, thanks to my stepmom!pergh!) and manage to go to Foo's Vinyasa Yoga class at 11am.

Seriously, I felt a bit low self esteemed there....other yogi's are so hot and toned....all showing off their abs in just a sports bra.

Bila la aku nak sampai that level....kena lebih gigih???

This is my third time sitting in Foo's class....he smiles a lot and we can call him Mr Smiley. Of course, again Vinyasa is an advance form of yoga and sinceI had run on the mill for about 40 minutes before the class, I can't seem to focus and was only able to follow half of the 40 minutes class. The rest of the time, I was recuperating at child's pose.

*And yeah, separuh nak mati malu rasanya next to 3 more yogi's yang super hot, slim and sexy*


Today will be day 6th in the gym and I have my gym bag (and yoga mat) packed and ready in my car. Will go straight after work, then later visit baby Farrell and Mommy Farah at KJMC before the visiting hours end at 10pm.


Toodles. Hopefully I have more energy today.

What's the name of the tag??

Tina tagged me!

Seriuosly, this tag does not come with a title. So here it goes....

1.Do you think you are hot?
Absolutlely! Hahahaha, to h*ll with what people think, my fabulosity is mine and mine alone to judge, so I'm hot enough by my standards.

* Yela, different people have different standards and KPI's*

2. Upload your favourite pic.
You have seen this one but what the heck.....

3. Why do you like this pic
It captures a good moment....and we were not even posing. We were just laughing about how Arif's nephews were fooling around.
4. When was the last time you ate pizza.
Last month, before the project in Shah Alam starts. I better not start eating pizza again, its a huge bump to my never-ending-diet.
5. The last song u listen to?
All the song in the CD "Greatest Love Song in Bossa Moments" , my favourite being the remake of Bleeding Love initially sang by Leona Lewis in bossa mode....I am soo liking it.
The CD somehow makes the last few bad days better.
6. What are you doingh right now besides doing this?
YM'ing my blogger babes, buzzing on Farah's labour....emailing zie non-stop the whole day.
*and yeah, calling for contribution for Riza's wedding....aku appointed ceti this round. Tapi respond agak kurang memberangsangkan. Macam mana ni?*
7. What name do you prefer besides your?
None! I love my name just fine.
8. 5 people to tag...
Lets see....sape belum kena tag?
(1) Zie
(2) Lea
(3) Baby Chan
(4) F.i.e.z.a - my SR
(5) Liza
9. Who is (1)?
She's a dear friend back in my PwC days, now a wife and mom to a beautiful baby girl! We're tight...both of us! Hehehheehe.
10. No(3) is having relationship with?
Her boyfriend!whoever it is....nanti one day I balik Kelantan jumpa dia I tanya okeh? Ish ish...tak biasa korek rahsia dari adik-adik ni...
11. Say something about (5).
In my esteemed blogger babes. Kalau ada hierarchy circle of friends paling top, she's in my top 5 circle ( after office babes and chill babes). Just got married recently but still rocking things out!
12. How about (4)
She's one of my SR's....and I want to know more about her! If you're reading this link me to your blog la babe...
13. Who is no (2)?
Also in my list of esteemed blogger babes. Also recently married.
All my friends seems to just got married.
*huge grin*
Sape kata tag ni tak panjang??Penat okeh menaip....

MY Dear Farah Got a Baby Boy!!!

Thank God everything is good.
Bless you that the baby is healthy.
With this, I bet there will be more happy moments to come, and I can't wait to see the bundle of joy!

When I have to start admitting the fact yang aku buta IT...


Macam mana nak letak nuffnang ads in between post? Anyone???

I have been trying for the past hour tapi fail la.

Buzz me okeh! Help appreciated!

Quick Updates

1. I firstly would like to thank all concerned people, who had called and extended support, it is deeply appreciated, and yes, I know, I AM LOVED, and no matter what I have you guys as my pillar of strength, so BIG THANKS! Hugs!

*But I still don't feel like talking about it*

2. I was part of the company's manpower for yesterday's charity run. Apart from goofing around at my checkpoint with my camera, I believe that there was nothing much done at my checkpoint because it is the starting and ending point. I was suppose to be in charge of water, but who needs water when they just start the race?? Pics to follow suit.

3. No (2) occupied my day and tires me to the bones. It practically makes me forget whatever woes I had till late afternoon. I woke up from a nap at 4.30pm with tears streaking down my cheeks and back pain, a huge one. So I had a shower....and head to Peek-A-Boo for a haircut.

*Don't worry, nothing drastic like boy cut short...just a trim to fix my tresses so that it won't make me feel worse when I see uneven layers jutting out. It did make me feel better*

4. Liza sodah balik!!!!Tak sabar nak jumpa dia. Hehehehe!

5. And yeah...I got the bag. And I am strutting it to office today.

*Light smile, as my face feel a bit weird and it was hard to smile all morning*