Friday, December 12, 2008

As I look into the mirror....

I see me!

*huge smile*

I don't hate myself. But I definitely need improvement. Sigh. It has been a while since I last wear make-up to work, today looking at the washroom mirror I felt somewhat....down.

Not that I am ugly. Far from that. Its just that I feel that maybe its about time to make changes.

Maybe I should wear make-up to work everyday.

Maybe I should start waking up an hour earlier, and do my hair nicely (as in blow dry or what not) before I drive my CLK out to work.

Suddenly, I felt that there is so much thing lacking.


And for that I will need....

1. A new tub of Stila's Tinted Moisturiser in color 03 which suits my current skin color (which is somehow a bit tanned!gilo!time hujan aku gelap, time panas aku putih. I'm getting confused here) since my existing foundation seems to be too fair.

2. A new tub of loose powder that will complement the above.

3. Blushers in orange and light pink tones. Maybe I can just get the bargain ones at Elianto (their blusher is ok) or if I am lucky, I can get more at Benefit. The existing one will be running out soon.

4. Lipstick. In younger colors. I look at the ones I have now and it makes me feel old. Will have to go to revlon for that.

5. Stila lip glaze set of 6 now selling at the counter!! The mini size easy to carry gloss is my fav, and I have run out of them since June.

Gila! I need a make-up case make-over.

And lupa pulak....

6. i need new mascara!

Pay day is not till the 22nd, and I still have a long list of "things to buy" and "things to set aside for the wedding" and frankly speaking, I am getting a bit frustrated here.

Macam mana nak beli make-up baru ni???

Sabar-sabar.....jangan panik! Maybe I can buy them and slip it in "wedding cost". Hahahahah! If I manage to do that maybe it won't look so glaring.

Kalau macam tu banyak la benda nak masukkan dalam wedding cost ni.



Lina Chan said...

byknya wed cost.. hehe~

bila kak zu cite pasal make up ni, teringat masa baby di make up -- erm, lebih kepada make over kot sbb jrg make up diri sdiri --
cantik la masa tu.. natural sgt..
plus baby mmg dah cantik pun..


Zuraida said...


takpe takpe. nanti kita buat lagi okeh!