Friday, December 19, 2008

Doing it all over again...

Did I tell you how the drama ends yesterday??

Well...lets run through the snippets - arif came by, we spent 2 hours talking (yeah, and partly fighting...oh sangat drama lagi) and at the end of the day we kissed and make-up....literally speaking. Ok la, we want to McDonalds and raised a white flag over curly fries and burger.

We had come through a potential solution....and with that, a lot of work need to be done. Technically, now the wedding has to be done again from scratch.


It's not exactly not what I wanted in the first place, but kan kata compromise. So hopefully with this compromise, his mom would leave us alone.

Please....let it be ok this time. Seriously kalau sejarah berulang a lot of blood will be shed.


Living things at that, my mom got a bit worried, called me up at 8am in the morning to announce that she will join my sister at my place this weekend.

*Maybe she read my blog. Maybe that scares her.So rather than letting me commit suicide and die alone in a 1000sqft box I called home, she'd rather swing by and make sure that I have proper care.Mothers will always be mothers....sigh*

So today is a busy day. Since arif agreed that we need to run through the wedding preparations (again) this weekend (and in light with the current circumstances - change in venue, no of headcount, caterers....) - we had to come up with a new quote which is more or less under the same budget.

*In which I found it nonsense in the first place because due to the drama we end up losing the booking money we earlier put on the initial much for saving cost....maybe I should take that loss into account when tabling the new budget so that he would realise it.*

So the whole day I was buzzing like a bee.

Jeez. Bolehke aku bertahan ni??

Esok mau scout bunga kat Petaling Street, since arif kata dia ada kerja and we won't be sitting for the kursus kawin this weekend...

*Dia ada second thoughts ke??*


Why am I wondering about him when I should ask the same question to myself?

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zie said...

Babe...hold on okay....U nak buat benda baik...Insya allah akan dipermudahkan...U have my prayers always...