Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The excitement is building up...

I try to look into the future positively, and keep my mind occupied with the wedding preps to pull myself out of my misery.

*okeh, it may sound bad, but actually I am feeling much better today, thank you!*

So far we kowtim the wedding date, the reception place and the timing of the events (this is important, sebab bakal MIL i sangat particular about this). We had surveyed photographers a few weeks back, and decided that Arif should decide on that, rather than me.

*yeah, despite wanting to be an ultimate perfectionist and make sure that everything I can kowtim for myself, I better give him things to do and be responsibled of to show his love and affection towards me...nanti dah kawin and all of the good things doesn't happen nanti menyesal pulak*

So today while sitting in office I scouted for mak andam and designer for the wedding. So far, I have sent a baju kurung to Liza's tailor, Che Wan. The baju should be ready by the end of the month. Tengokla, if its beautiful I wouldn't need to get another one for my akad nikah.

Over the past few days I have been browsing Ratu Sehari during my free time, and can't seem to shake off the name of one of the designer, FLP, in which I came to notice had quiet a nice idea on gowns and make-up.

So I called him.

After a few (long minutes) of talk, I found out that the charges are quiet reasonable.


I am getting hyped up!

So we set a date to meet (yet to be confirmed again, u tau je la, December and January kan musim orang kawin) and I am so excited to meet him.

I called arif. He seems agreeable.

Cant wait...can't wait....


Ms. Lili@ said...

kak zu bile kak zu getting married? i cant announce mine yet as my place haven't been confirmed. hopefully soon!

anyway all the best with wedding preps!

i myself tengah confused where to send my baju to. survey banyak2 sendiri yang jadi pening huhu!

Zuraida said...

ha?bila?u rasa bila?

don't worry.both u and kerol invited.nanti ada la kad.and i am inviting tina and hubby,dayana,alin,tazz n abby as well,so u guys can have fun.

nak ke korang datang?

tak payah survey lama2.bukak a few mags,nampak yang lawa,just go ahead.senang.tak payah pening kepala.

p/s:kalau nak hire my mom buat langsir and bilik pengantin pun boleh.hehehhe.cakap je nak design apa.mesti boleh punya.

huge grin.

Shmea said...

wedding preps shud be fun and exciting! :)
even tho headache at times. hehe. enjoy it while u can.

Anonymous said...

heh itu sudah pasti of course lah i akan dijemput... (wahhhh konfident! :P)

saje la tanye, kot nanti our date clashes ke?


Zuraida said...


u email to me la ur expected date lia, kita tengok clash ke tak...