Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I don't get women who don't get it

Despite my rising flu and sore throat...I brave through the night in front of the tv so I can catch One Three Hill, Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica at 8TV. Sigh. Dulu aku tak suka pun any of the shows (except Gilmore Girls...oh, itu all time favourite), but now I am hooked on OTH because of the cute little boy that became the new Lucas kid and I am too deep into BG that I nak tau what happened to the cyclons.


*Cepat gila terpengaruh*

Nasib baik these shows are labeled as "TV material only" and I have no urgent need to bang doors of pirates friends that I knew off to get a copy of new episodes everytime.


Last night 8TV was giving out the new Beyonce CD entitled "I am Sasha Fierce" and the song "If I were A Boy" aired on and on again to a point its driving me sick.

Oh my. That song is something I don't get.

To me its a plea of a desperate heartbroken women that denied the fact that the guy she' s dating is not worth it.

Picture this...

You have been with the guy for years. You love him wholeheartedly that he is your world, your everything, You breath, eat, think of him to a point that no matter how many times he lied/ cheated/ taken you for granted, you felt that it is impossible to live life without him.

Despite his philandering ways, ignorance and what not you give him chance after chance to make the relationship work because he is your very breath.

Because he brings the life in you.

Because his curves fit yours just like it was made for you.

But the fact remains that he is just another jerk who would never understand/listen/care to even consider your very existence and put himself first...and you, somewhere before the bottom of his list.

One day he abruptly said "were done" and "here's the way to the door, leave and never come back" and your world suddenly crashes.

Then you sang "If I Were A Boy".

Newsflash.....these days we don't need jerks to glorify our existence. Men should complement us, not take us down. If he's the source of pain...heal yourself by trimming him out. Because pleading ain't gonna do it. If he ever had loved you, he'll be pleading for you.

Especially if he showed the door out.

We have all been there. Laugh, joy and heartbreaks is part and parcel of life. But when it comes to men some women may find them their achilles heel - no matter how successfull or good you are in life, they always make you make the wrong choices - your weekest point, the biggest mistake.

To some its better be with someone that hurts you rather than be alone and single. Sigh. Sad but true, there might be lonely nights when you wish the jerk is around just because you are only.

But babe, you are better than that.

There are supporting friends, a loving family.

You are better off without him. Period.

A guy who showed the door to such a strong and beautiful person does not deserve what he already had and let it go. His loss...not yours.

So for all the girls who dig "If I Were A Boy" proud that you are not. That you are just a girl.

Coz we don't need boys, don't we?

As for soulmates, one of these days they will come by. If the last one doesn't work out how could they ever be "THE" soulmate?

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nicely said babe...!!