Monday, December 1, 2008

More Gym 4 and 5

Setelah sekian lamanya slacking (again) and due to my recent depressed state, I have (again) hit the gym...

Macam gym tu tempat mengubat hati yang lara.

Yeah. I can't stand staying at home and mop around just to get myself driven to madness so an hour run, half an hour stretch and another hour of yoga did wonders.

Especially in killing time.

At this state I didn't feel much pain going in and out of the gym for 2 days straight till later on Sunday, after the charity run. I can feel the muscle tension all afternoon during nap time.


But I'm not going to whine about pain. I am going to buzz about two hot gym instructor which classes I ran to for solace over the last weekend.

Friday - Day 4

I hit the gym straight after work and had a good run and stretch. By the time I am done its almost 7pm....just nice for Mr Cutie (Kunal) gentle yoga class.

Only to be greated by another hottie...Mr J.

He usually give classes to more advanced students, that day he's just replacing Kunal for a night. OMG...bila dia tukar pose, he will show the proper way to flex your muscle so you can get the most out of the workout and show off the oh-so-delicious and toned muscles.

*'s really a sight to amaze.hahahaha.ok, i am exaggerating.please ignore me*

Mr J...I might drop by your other classes. I am still a beginner yogi, but please bear with me and be nice.


And of course...I will not frown or buat THE FACE on my next class.

If you ever know what I mean....

Saturday - Day 5

Again, woke up early (yeah, thanks to my stepmom!pergh!) and manage to go to Foo's Vinyasa Yoga class at 11am.

Seriously, I felt a bit low self esteemed there....other yogi's are so hot and toned....all showing off their abs in just a sports bra.

Bila la aku nak sampai that level....kena lebih gigih???

This is my third time sitting in Foo's class....he smiles a lot and we can call him Mr Smiley. Of course, again Vinyasa is an advance form of yoga and sinceI had run on the mill for about 40 minutes before the class, I can't seem to focus and was only able to follow half of the 40 minutes class. The rest of the time, I was recuperating at child's pose.

*And yeah, separuh nak mati malu rasanya next to 3 more yogi's yang super hot, slim and sexy*


Today will be day 6th in the gym and I have my gym bag (and yoga mat) packed and ready in my car. Will go straight after work, then later visit baby Farrell and Mommy Farah at KJMC before the visiting hours end at 10pm.


Toodles. Hopefully I have more energy today.


f.i.e.z.a said...

semangat tol g gym.good for u!leh burn out the calories kan?as for me, mmg salu ada masa tp malaassss tol nak g..
farah dah deliver ek?im sooo hepi for her.been her reader for quite a while.nanti jgn lupe post pics farrel k.. :)

Zuraida said...

at the end tak jadi jugak....
esok la esok...