Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh indahnya dunia bila dapat bershopping...

I spent my free time since yesterday shopping for christmas pressie and barang hantaran.

*yes folks,aku dah kembali membeli belah setelah sekian lama menahan diri*

Oh bestnya.Teringat zaman dahulukala when tiap2 minggu shopping bag tak lekang disisi.

Those were the days.


This time I am definitely more cautious on spending,since there are more expenses to come in the next couple of months.I only grabbed a few pairs of flatties on sale from Twins@ Isetan for myself,the rest of the purchases are mainly my barang hantaran for arif.

Dalam hati sebenarnya geram je tengok kasut and bag kat Nine West.Sigh.What to do.Till I get this wedding preps and expenses over and done with sampai la tu la kena be carefull with how the money is spent.Ye la,kalau tetiba emergency last minute takde duit mana nak korek kan?Takkan nak menyusahkan orang.

Dengan possibility gawat lagi tahun depan.


Frankly speaking I am a bit worried.

But since everybody is in a jolly good mood lets just be merry.

Cya tomorrow peeps!Have a very merry xmas!

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