Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On 3 Day Detox Program

Feeling down makes me feel fat. Sigh. And its not a good feeling, especially when you look back at the charity race photos. The out-of-the-bed-look-with-a-bad-hair-day-and excess-weight while clad in lime green colored top is sooo not appealing.

Tiba-tiba aku low self esteemed.

So I decided to go on detox. Maybe its time (again) to clear my bowels and she a bit of weight, since raya haji is coming soon and with all the lemang and rendang and what not, I might end up looking like a cow myself.

Too bad tak boleh just sacrifice just the fat portion. Otherwise dah lama aku volunteer.

So had been on detox since yesterday, and today is officially day 2. My detox menu is simple...take 3 herbalife shake a day and cut fruits for lunch and lots and lots of water.

Like 5 litres ok. Sompah tak tipu.

Adakah aku rasa kepenatan?

Yeah. To tell you the truth semalam when I went to the car to get my gym bag I feel really really dizzy. So I skipped gym and head home, and hit the sack till arif woke me up at 10pm. Sigh. Just in time for Criminal Minds, but I missed my visit to KJMC to see Farah's new bundle of joy.

Takpe, arif is taking me there tonight. From Rinie's reaction from her visit yesterday baby Farrell will be a heartbreaker (even if he's not a womaniser....seriously sangat cute kalah Ashraf Sinclair) in 20 years time.

By that I mean its a good thing. hahahaha. Jangan la nanti anak perempuan aku pulak yang tergoda. Hahahahah. Aku nak ajar dia women have pride and we never chase guys, its the other way round. So men must flock my beautiful baby girl.

Ok, enough of this, melalut pulak. Kawin pun belum sibok gebang pasal anak. Back to me feeling tired.

There's two possibilities to the tiredness; one is the after effect of the long and active weekend, another is because my detoxing is working and I am flushing it out.

Sigh. Hopefully I feel better later.

So far I am sticking to the expected regime. Belum terkandas lagi. Hopefully this will go on well till the end of tomorrow. So takde la sia2 usaha semalam. If I am luckyu my tummy will be less visible for the annual dinner on Friday....

Which will be great.

Post Raya Haji kena detox lagi to clear all the lemang and what not. Sigh. Kan senang kalau preggers macam Rinie and Tina, boleh makan sesuka hati. Ni dah dapat curtain call untuk bergigih kalau tak kalah ngan Mommy Farah, lagi malu wooo...

Lost to a mother.


Not going to happen.



zie said...

Memang penat la Zue, semalam kan I was on detox. I slept very early at 9.30 okay..NAsib baik ada Kimi, dier ynag jaga Aisya...I tido mati tak hengat punyer........

So, feeling tired is okay la ek sebab detox? It is working I presume heh?

Zuraida said...

i tak tau la jadi ke tak.hahahha.ok la kot i dapat turun sekilo.

*huge grin*

Shmea said...

aihhh at least mkn la 1 meal, kak zue. not good if u're feeling dizzy mcm tu. nanti sakit pulak. take care.

Anonymous said...

hai zu, tis is shaz if u still remeber..i asked u about HL last mth. anyways, i've started on HL but i noticed skarang i pon start pening2..
is this the side effect? coz i ni mmg anemic (tatau la ada connection ke tak)..maybe i shd go see my GP for some advice kan

Zuraida said...

hi shaz,
maybe u should check with ur ciach...she then can guide you.


anyway, from my experience masa first month tu i memang ada rasa pening2 and selalu pergi toilet. I memang ada mild migraine, water retention and constipation problem. So my coach dah bagitau awal2 first few weeks ambik tea tu sebab nak detox memang dia macam tu.

Rasa nak muntah sikit pun ada, sebab agak bloated.

Sekarang ni i takde constipation problem, sebab everyday i mesti pergi toilet, at least once every morning and later during the day if i need to. Tak de migrain lagi dah unless i am on severe stress mode, itu pun pening biasa je.

Yang memang i nampak betul is the more energise feeling. I tak rasa penat sangat even though I just take the shake.

But that is just me. Results obviously vary on case to case basis. I advise you consult your coach.