Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos from annual dinner last Friday....and a slight burst of frustration...

Pics from the wedding....hit the play button and the slide show will reel. That night was fun. Too bad a lot of pics goyang. Kalau tak there's a lot more to share (yeap, ini pun ada sikit2 goyang aku letak jugak!).

For the rest of the last weekend, the only thing I can say is that it has been a long week.

Part of it is good. Part of it is bad. Biasa la...what do you expect 3 months before a wedding? Drama, drama, drama....and seriously, bukan aku yang buat drama okeh....

To all my friends who are reading this....please bear with me for the next few weeks. And I know that some of you are drama queens (like hmmm hmmm...u know who you are), but then I have enough to deal with, so just shut the f*ck up and save the drama for your own wedding/events/whatever.

My family drama is enough to drive me to tears and break my brick by brick.


I had a long talk with my mom and she can only say to me...

"Honey, you get to choose your husband, but sorry, in life you don't get to choose you in laws. So just be patient". won't make me feel any different but worse, but then there's a slap of truth in that and I just have to learn the trick to live with it.

To most of my friends (who had always been there), I really appreciate the support and mucho mucho gracias for all the help (extended and will be extended) for the wedding and all and it will be great to see all of you there in March!

There you go, its official, I am getting married in March!

Obviously I am happy, don't get me wrong but with the date getting closer and closer its just normal I suppose to be excited and experience mixed feelings.

*I just hope I can get through this and not be scared to a point to calling it off - nauzubillah - aku tak suka benda2 go out of hand and if I am really really unhappy, I might run runaway bride? possible kah?*

Note : Yeah, you might be thinking apa la minah ni saiko sorang2, orang lain kawin jugak tapi relax je, but then what the heck....itu diorang kawin, ni aku kawin, different people face different things.

Anyway, don't let my soddy mood swings effect you. Hehehehe. I will be okay. Nanti kalau tak ok I jerit kuat-kuat so that all of you can aid me. Hahahahaha!

Enjoy the piccas!


Ms. Lili@ said...

congrats! and enjoy ur wedding preps... :)

Shazreen said...

I'm also getting married this March...
Good luck on your preparations..