Monday, December 1, 2008

Quick Updates

1. I firstly would like to thank all concerned people, who had called and extended support, it is deeply appreciated, and yes, I know, I AM LOVED, and no matter what I have you guys as my pillar of strength, so BIG THANKS! Hugs!

*But I still don't feel like talking about it*

2. I was part of the company's manpower for yesterday's charity run. Apart from goofing around at my checkpoint with my camera, I believe that there was nothing much done at my checkpoint because it is the starting and ending point. I was suppose to be in charge of water, but who needs water when they just start the race?? Pics to follow suit.

3. No (2) occupied my day and tires me to the bones. It practically makes me forget whatever woes I had till late afternoon. I woke up from a nap at 4.30pm with tears streaking down my cheeks and back pain, a huge one. So I had a shower....and head to Peek-A-Boo for a haircut.

*Don't worry, nothing drastic like boy cut short...just a trim to fix my tresses so that it won't make me feel worse when I see uneven layers jutting out. It did make me feel better*

4. Liza sodah balik!!!!Tak sabar nak jumpa dia. Hehehehe!

5. And yeah...I got the bag. And I am strutting it to office today.

*Light smile, as my face feel a bit weird and it was hard to smile all morning*

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~LIZA~ said...

& i can't wait to see u too!!