Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rummaging through my bags for jewelleries...

Tak sabarnya tak sabarnya...tomorrow is annual dinner day.

Hopefully there's nothing much to do tomorrow so I can take the firmwide half-day off to get ready. Not that there's nothing much to be done with, but I need to run some errands and it must be done tomorrow.

Kalau tak rupaku akan agak horrid tomorrow night.

*ok, i am obviously exaggerating.hahahaah*

Yesterday I look at my dress (longingly) hung ....screaming to be worn. sheesh. Its not something I can wear on a normal day out (yeah, gilo apo pakai dress keluar lepak mamak ke apa). So there it remains, hung. Untouched.

As I laze at home with nothing to do (and tv was super boring, because it was wednesday), I started to think of jewelleries to be worn with the dress.

Of course, diamonds would look great.

If not real diamonds, the glittery cubic zirconia like diamonds that cost about rm400 on display in OU will also look great.

But I don't want to spend so much just for one night.


So I went through my jeweelery case that had long been forgetten. Since I stop clubbing months back I rarely bother touching my collection of silvers and vintage earrings....some of them are dusty and screaming "please clean me or otherwise I will wither and die!".


Pitiful. Maybe when I can find some time next weekend I should sit down with my silver cleaner, properly sort my jewelleries and start cleaning them so it can be used.

*especially in times like this*

As I see my favourite pearl string necklace, I was reminded over the pearl earring+necklace+ring set I got for my engagement almost 2 years back. Its a huge pearl in faux diamond setting...the size of a gumball. That would stand out, especially at times like tomorrow where my dress is simply a plain tube dress. I like.

So aku mula mencari.

Then I can only find the ring and necklace. No signs of earrings.

Damn it!

Masa2 macam ni la ko nak buat vanishing act. It should be in the house somewhere, I just didn't know where.

At the end I spent an hour runsacking all my bags in and out of my bag wardrobe and found, among others (mostly stuff that I thought that I have lost);

1. My SJP Lovely EDT sample
2. My Stille Lipstick in Nude
3. My KPMG thumbdrive that I have declared lost last May
4. a few highlighters in assorted colors
5. Coins, coins and more coins
6. Calling cards of designers, saleman in designer boutiques, clients, target client and the list goes on...

In short : Banyaknye sampah2 dalam beg aku!


An hour later I found the pear earrings in one of my clutch bags.

Ni mesti time clubbing aku rasa earring tu berat nak mampos then I took it off and leave it in the clutch. So me.

I snap pics of the earrings and other jewelleries I am wearing (and the dress, of course) to be shown to Mi tomorrow, so that the hair will suit the overall look.


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f.i.e.z.a said...

i'll have an annual dinner to attend nxt week n tgh pening x tau nak pakai ape..
dah la theme cam bosan jek...i bet u'll look good dat coming nite.

excited jugak! ;)