Saturday, December 20, 2008

So tired...

I can't sleep again last night.At 4am I am still tossing ang turning and I tried all available method to make me sleep.

I don't know what time I finally doze off.At 9.30am my mom woke me up with an sms.

Sheesh.Dah kena bangun.Demmit.

I tried to sambung balik.I thought if I pull back my bedcovers I can go on for another hour and this headache might go away.

Tapi,that did not happen.

I toss and turn again till an hour passed by.


This is major.I need my sleep.I can't go on like this. Everytime I try to sleep my mind starts spinning and I start to worry.

Aargh. Aku tak suka.

Without sleep I get agitated easily.I then become a stick prick that in turn annoys people around me.

Bad.Very bad.

Maybe it's time I go to the pharmacy and ask for sleeping pills.

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