Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a long day....

Note : The annual dinner was fun. I had a great time. Pics to follow sometime next week. Will be busy with raya and take time to upload all of them. Maybe I will make another DVD presentation thingy with my Picasa3, so we can save loading time and viewing space...

I woke up at noon with a very bad stomach pain. I am not sure why I am having it but it was really really painful. My hair was everywhere, all rough and smell of hairspray.

Ni yang aku tak suka set rambut ni. The morning after makes me feel horrible macam pontianak.

I pull myself together and had my HL shake. The shake help me ease some of the gas in my stomach and I felt much better after a long shower.

*I tried the Pantene 3 minute miracle repair mask and it is great! I like it! I am going to get more!*

Then I packed and left for my mom's house for the weekend.

*Lepas stopover dulu kat KLCC's La Mer kaunter nak jumpa a salesgirl friend of mine Azura. Whine about my zits and she assured me its normal, since the purging effect is required to kick out all the dirt trapped in my inner layer skin cells. Sigh. But since we both are in the same situation (3 months back dia pun bar start the product around 3 months and having the same problem as mine) and now looking great...I took it positively, and cross my fingers that miracle could do happen.*

Let's not talk about the drive back. The traffic was bad.

Very. Bad.

It took me 3 hours to reach Tampin from KL and I am not driving anything more than 40km/h all the way between Nilai and Senawang. Sangat teruk.


Ok la. Gtg.


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