Monday, December 1, 2008

What's the name of the tag??

Tina tagged me!

Seriuosly, this tag does not come with a title. So here it goes....

1.Do you think you are hot?
Absolutlely! Hahahaha, to h*ll with what people think, my fabulosity is mine and mine alone to judge, so I'm hot enough by my standards.

* Yela, different people have different standards and KPI's*

2. Upload your favourite pic.
You have seen this one but what the heck.....

3. Why do you like this pic
It captures a good moment....and we were not even posing. We were just laughing about how Arif's nephews were fooling around.
4. When was the last time you ate pizza.
Last month, before the project in Shah Alam starts. I better not start eating pizza again, its a huge bump to my never-ending-diet.
5. The last song u listen to?
All the song in the CD "Greatest Love Song in Bossa Moments" , my favourite being the remake of Bleeding Love initially sang by Leona Lewis in bossa mode....I am soo liking it.
The CD somehow makes the last few bad days better.
6. What are you doingh right now besides doing this?
YM'ing my blogger babes, buzzing on Farah's labour....emailing zie non-stop the whole day.
*and yeah, calling for contribution for Riza's wedding....aku appointed ceti this round. Tapi respond agak kurang memberangsangkan. Macam mana ni?*
7. What name do you prefer besides your?
None! I love my name just fine.
8. 5 people to tag...
Lets see....sape belum kena tag?
(1) Zie
(2) Lea
(3) Baby Chan
(4) F.i.e.z.a - my SR
(5) Liza
9. Who is (1)?
She's a dear friend back in my PwC days, now a wife and mom to a beautiful baby girl! We're tight...both of us! Hehehheehe.
10. No(3) is having relationship with?
Her boyfriend!whoever it is....nanti one day I balik Kelantan jumpa dia I tanya okeh? Ish ish...tak biasa korek rahsia dari adik-adik ni...
11. Say something about (5).
In my esteemed blogger babes. Kalau ada hierarchy circle of friends paling top, she's in my top 5 circle ( after office babes and chill babes). Just got married recently but still rocking things out!
12. How about (4)
She's one of my SR's....and I want to know more about her! If you're reading this link me to your blog la babe...
13. Who is no (2)?
Also in my list of esteemed blogger babes. Also recently married.
All my friends seems to just got married.
*huge grin*
Sape kata tag ni tak panjang??Penat okeh menaip....

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