Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to work.....

After a brief weekend, here I am....back to work.

I suppose life goes on as usual. Despite the fact that I have a lot of things in mind (unresolved issues, wedding preparations etc), the world does not revolve around me. To feed myself I still have to wake up early in the morning, get ready and go to work.

I still need to do what I am paid to do.

Not that what I am doing is anything bad. Tapi biasala, when the holidays end (and you feel as if it wasn't even a holiday because you are so busy with a lot of things), a slight dread linger. Kan best kalau cuti tanpa henti??

Last weekend was a bit tight. I still dwell over my wedding preps arrangements (mainly things to settle for the KL wedding, agreeing stuff with my fiance to be agreed with my MIL) and rest.

Though seem like oblivion, I did manage to get some rest.

I did went to MPH @ OU last Sunday and after much thought, grabbed a copy of Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyers. Ingat nak beli the whole set, but they were out of copies of the last two titles and I suppose if I took my time to read just before I go to bed (since I am still having sleeping problems till now), it might take a while before I finish both copies.

Was I wrong.

I started Sunday night (before bed) and by the time I doze off last night, I am already 300 pages over Twilight.

Very bad book to make you sleep. It keeps you reading on and on and on because you are so entranced on how much love is in the air between Bella and Edward.


I bet by next weekend I'll be done with New Moon. Then I will start to wriggle in agitation because I would want to read the other two books but can't get hold of any of them.

*It's not even available in Manila till end Jan....they ran out of stock too. Believe me, I got Baily to check for me*


*Kan best if I can just stay at home now and read....yeah...in my dreams*

But since it's back to work again and holiday is over till the next 12 months.....let's not screw the beginning of the year by lazing.

Back to work.


elle said...

hi zue! u dh beli twillight n new moon ye. i told u kn that books are sooo good. when u start reading the books, u cant stop... luv that book so much. enjoy reading it...

Anonymous said...

i bought the whole set in ipoh... do u want any spoilers k.zue?? *wink* happy new year to you!!!


Zuraida said...

dear elle,

tepat sekali!!ahhahaha....sekarang ni tengah menyesal sebab time stock buku tu berlambak2 dulu takde pulak aku eager nak beli.


pls....no spoilers!!!!!
happy new year to u too...ni bila ni kita nak keluar lepak sama2??

Anonymous said...

ok... i'll be a gud girl and wont say anyting....
jom2 lepak! love to catch up with u and dying to hear bout ur wedding preps!!

Zuraida said...

Dear Dayana...

bila mu nak balik KL nih???nanti i call u takde....

kita ajak tina sekali nak??


Ina Mann said...

Aku ade whole set..kalau nak pinjam just holler okey..hehhehe..