Friday, January 16, 2009

Downright bored, sleepy.....whatever....

I wish I am at home in between covers on my bed.

So far, the day has been quite a bad day.


Anyway, I finished the last page of my second Twilight book, New Moon, and eager to get my hands on the next two books, Eclipse and New Dawn, which is in stores today.

*Oh I sudah confirm with MPH and its there!!! I am putting my recently acquired MPH member's card and RM5 voucher to good use later!*

A reason to be enthusiastic still I am having mood swings.


Getting married is not as rosy as it was ever painted to be.

I wish I'm single and carefree now.

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Shmea said...

nooooo kak zue! u don't wish that!!! hehe. jgn la sampai gitu. i understand it's totally normal to have all your feelings jumbled up like that. tak lama je lagi your big day. lepas dah abis semua, u will surely laugh about all the silly things u argued abt. semoga semua berjalan lancar!