Friday, January 9, 2009

Free Food...Again...

I officially declare this week as "the Eat Your Ass Off till You Blow Up" week.


Because due to the fact that the current team member (including manager) loves food, we have been eating quite well. Plus there was the free team lunch last Wednesday (with was sumptuos and satisfying) lunch tonight at Boathouse!!! The new promotees from the recently annouced promotion list is treating us food and booze.


Not that the booze is important. But biasa la, since I have a lot of chinese collegues, its kinda a must for them.

I just go for the free food.

*Macam mana nak diet ni??? I.AM.NOT.GOING.TO.FEEL.GUILTY!*

On top of that, one of my lady bosses is buying lunch tomorrow for the whole department!!!

Isn't that swell??

Too bad I have to sit in for my kursus kawin. *ke nasib baik, phewh* Kalau tak free makan 10 course lunch set jat KLGCC.


Bila cakap pasal makan bersemangat je...

Anyway, you all have a great weekend k!

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