Friday, January 16, 2009

Having second it a good thing??

The question remains.... how do you know for certain that the person you marry will be "the one"?

That this one marriage will be forever?

How can you trust a person as much as you trust yourself and believe that with that trust he won't hurt you, in any way possible?

I believe the answer to all those questions is not whether he is the right person but more to whether you believe/ and have faith that the one person you have chosen is the right one.

Hmmm....does it sound so difficult?

Technically, its simple. But nobody ever says simple things are easy to get and dealt with.

I found out that being hands on with the wedding preparations (especially the finances) shows your partner's true color.....and after the things happening (good or otherwise), a bride can't help but revisit the questions earlier brought to attention but carelessly waived away in momemts of pre-marital bliss. No wonder parents insist on oraganising the wedding themselves and leave you out of it. There's just to much pressure.

*But then tak fun la kan jadi living mannequin?? *

In a way I am happy that I insist on being hands on in the first place....

Trust me, its a good judge of character. It's like a fast-track class to knowing who you are going to spend the next few decades with till you die and that, may bring you to a fresh new question...

"Can you live with him after all that you have been through, in good and bad , sickness and in health?"

Sometimes, it makes you just wonder.

Call this pre-wedding jitters or whatever, but second thoughts or not, there are issues that needs to be discussed, confronted and dealt with...before its too late to even have a voice over it.

Before you start to regret.

Sure. I am feeling the pressure. And I don't know what to do. I am just hoping for the best.

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