Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La La La La la...

After a week in Bangi, today...I am back in my KL office. *huge grin* Gembiranya dapat duduk kat meja sendiri, ada phone line sendiri...with all day internet access.

*No matter how great other people's office, it sure feels great to be back at my own space.Hahahaha.Grounded*

The day has been a-okay, workload has been bearable and there was nothing much to be dealt with except cleaning up the report we were working on here and there.

Obviously I took the time to catch up with the rest. Latest buzz as follows:

1. I'll be bunking with Pei Wen for the Ho Chi Minh trip. Since I am not officially married yet till March, I can't register arif to tag along with me as spouse. So this year's annual trip I will run solo. hahahaha.Single kejap di perantauan for 3 nights. Yoohoooo!!!

*hopefully I am not pregnant yet by then. Tak best la jalan2 then morning sickness at the same time kan?*

2. Found a new interesting read while bloghopping. I was curious over the lash of character recently committed by you-know-who and checked the "victim" out. Despite the fact that some people take offence over her post in a pair of bikini, I don't see anything wrong with it. I personally admire her guts and instantly love her when she quote...

"Stop trying to change your bodies to live life, just go live it. If you want to rock a bikini, don’t wait till you’re thin, rock it now!"

She has a very good point! Because ntah2 if you wait till you're stick thin it would never happen. Not to say that you can't lose weight, but then if you view yourself fat no matter what your body size is you will still see yourself fat though you're thin as a stick. Sigh. Then you will lose out and never get to do the things you want to do.

*Maybe I should get myself one today...to hell with the bollocks kan!I ni sangat pemalu orangnya...tak pernah beli bikini. Kalau ada pun stock dulu2 my auntie yang belikan.Of course, I won't torture you guys with pics of me in bikini. Tak pasal2 nanti tetiba glamer pulak*

And since she write so well, I added her to my bloglist.

3. I received an email from an SR on her concerns that I might be starving myself to lose weight...

*Again, weight issue*

Wow, tak pernah I dapat email macam ni, and its so heartwarming to know that out there, there are people I don't know on a daily basis who actually care about me. Pada mereka2 yang juga agak concern over my "weight dillemma" tapi segan nak hantar email....


Okey, that might sound a bit ironic coz I always write about being guilty eating so much and what not tapi seriously, my friends (and collegues) will be happy to testify that despite my yoyo dieting and what not, I never starve myself. Reason being I ada gastric problem, so I mesti makan on time.

My problem is always overeating.

I eat when I am happy. I eat when I am sad.

The challenge is to control the portion in order to get an ideal weight. That's what I am always guilty about.

So no worries. Me love you mucho, and me love my body too. Even if I am dying tomorrow I don't think I want to die hungry.

4. I have earlier approached a photog (recommended by Alia, which is attached with Janggut Touch from Ipoh) and considered picking them up since I can't get the earlier photog I wanted (sebab tak available), when suddenly Nuril who had recently done my casual pre-wedding shots came up with a better quote.

Aku mula lah goyah.

Sigh. I have to run this through Arif. By the way, I am still meeting up with Nuril much later to talk about his offer.

*Apa ni pendirian tak tetap?? But then I suppose it happens kan, especially when it involves the ability to cut down $$$$. Dah la in the brink of gawat ni*

Oh sudah pukul 4 petang. Hari ni boleh balik awal, and maybe start catching up some gym time that I have missed....a lot.


elle said...

u been in bangi for a week and u only told me yesterday?? isk isk.

Zuraida said...


jangan la sodih. I didn't really think about being away. Besides, takkan asyik nak cerita pasal kerja je kan???