Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Makan buffet....

We had buffet lunch at Equatorial Bangi tadi....oooh, so delicious. Dah la dah lama tak makan buffet.

*Huge grin....bila perut kenyang all is good*

So technically normal lunch became a very long lunch. Nasib baik bos job baru ni sangat sporting. Dia pun makan sama.

*Hehehehe....on client's tab. Suka aja. No pics though, tak bawak kamera. Nanti dok tangkap gambar pakai hp camera macam jakun pulak...heheheh*

By the time we get back I feel like bursting to bits and pieces (sebab perut penuh nak mampus) and I was on the verge of sugar high bliss, I can feel the adrenalin pumping and tetiba je jadi aktif.

*There goes my diet, blown wayyyy out of proportion. At this point aku dah macam malas nak fikir dah about losing weight. Such a bummer to be looking forward to the big day and be depressed about weight issues. So I am burying the hatchet and pushing it wayyyy deep in my skeleton closet (with the rest of my other "unresolved" issues) and vow NOT to WoRRY about a single bit of it or feel guilty*

Its 6pm and I hope everyone will pack soon. With my stomach so full (and still heavy), kan best kalau dapat tido in between my comforters and stacks of pillows. Sigh. Syurga dunia. But of course, bila bos dah belanja makan dia expect semua orang kerja keras la kan. So tak boleh complain lebih-lebih.

Buat kerja cepat!


Owh its already Wednesday. Cepatnya masa berlalu. It feels like yesterday that I dread to be back to work, and know its just two more days to go to till the weekends starts. Hooray!!! Plus Friday ni makan dinner free lagi, since there will be a promo do after work.

*Asyik makan je budak2 department aku nih*

Tak baik la tipu diri sendiri kata I'm not looking forward to it...because I am looking forward to it.



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