Monday, January 12, 2009

Many random things....

The dinner last Friday night was superb!!!

I had a lot of fun. Despite a quite discouraging news that was brought upon us during the department meeting....everybody was having a jolly good time forgetting it and making things as normal as possible.

We end up being very loud and cheerful...

*Yeah right. Loud is definitely true. We yamsing non-stop for Zu Lyn's upcoming wedding and boy....somebody almost had to strip!*


I sat for my kursus kawin last weekend.

I have to say that apart from the formal procedures bit that I think is a good thing for newlyweds to be well informed about...the rest of the syllabus is a total bollocks.

We practically had gone through every single bit of it when we did our Agama Islam papers in school and in uni (minus the 18sx jokes.which i think shouldn't be shared in the first place. Seriously......I don't need to know how the ustaz approached his wife on the first night...get it??). Besides, 90% of the attendees are below 24 years old (sumpah tak tipu, i checked the sign-off sheet. Yeah, aku rasa a bit tua sitting for the talk, but then again, there are a few other akak that was born on 1977, so I suppose I am not the eldest!), so they above all people mesti ingat lagi syllabus kat sekolah kan.

*Unless they never pay attention in the first place. But then, takkan la kot? I remember back in my days, the took ages to finish biology class and islamic studies classes when we are going trough the topic of pembiakan and perkahwinan*

I personally think that if they had kept things "professional" it could have been done in a day instead of 2 days. Seriously, no matter how many times that they stress that the course is important, it became less objective and more useless when they aimlessly talk about relationship break-ups and sex.

*People even sleep through it! I finished a book!Darn! If I am to listen to all this crap about relationship, they should it make it more like an Oprah talkshow....then it would be more interesting*


Anyway, just to amuse you guys....a pic of me last weekend...




Because of the course, I missed Elaine's lunch treat and Yi Yen's farewell at Telawi Street Bistro. I have to admit that I was quite envious when I heard all the fun stories this morning on the way to work with Haresh, Chi and Joanna....but then I know that if I had joined them on Saturday night, I won't be up so early in the morning on Sunday.

Coz the party ended at 4am.

Oh! Ruginya....


Here I am back in ofis....

I feel fat and bloated....and that calls for my HL thing back! I skipped the whole program for 3 weeks now (since two week before christmas) and I freak out yesterday when I can't fit into my favourite pajamas.

*Gilo! Pajamas pun tak muat???*

So here I am. On detox. Yeah yeah yeah...cakap je la aku hangat2 tahi ayam. Tapi as long as I can fit back to whatever I have in the wardrobe I should count my blessings coz sumpah, aku sangat pokai (and expected tu terus go on pokai sampai March) sebab banyak duit keluar for the kalau nak harapkan spare cash to get myself new stuff to wear...don't!


Elok jugak. In a way I am forced to lose weight.hehehehe....


Oh, I saw a bargain Coach bag at FashionableBargains. Geramnya!!! Nak je beli.

Tapi tak boleh!

Ekonomi tengah merudum ni. Nanti nak guna duit pergi honeymoon lagi, Palawan lagi (with my buddies in which I went to Phuket last year) and Ho Chi Minh lagi (for this years department trip....subsidised okey, aku suka!!!!) ...... so NO SPLURGING TILL JUNE!!!!!!

*But the bag is screaming for me....I can hear it screaming my name!!!.....Sigh.....*


Oh, HL tea ada perisa baru....bila la aku nak try ni???

Kena cepat abiskan stock kat umah dulu.....


Lina Chan said...

wow! cantiknya akak pakai tudung..

Zuraida said...


macam baby tak pernah nampak akak pakai tudung anyway...