Sunday, January 25, 2009

My warm and sunny saturday....

This post was about yesterday, coz I love last Saturday. Its so warm and sunny and I feel glad that I did what I did yesterday....

*wink wink...not that its anything out of the ordinary....*

I woke up pretty early coz I am suppose to meet up Liza for breakfast at Bodega....only to wake up to an sms about a raincheck. Sigh. Not that I am eager to go out, hahaha, so more sleeping time for me. Hahaha. But I can't seem to go back to bed.

My next appointment is not till 10.30am, so since I can't sleep anyway, I pull myself up, put on a swimming suit and hit the jacuzzi.

I have to say I love being in the pool coz the weather is neither hot nor cold, and the sun shine a fuzzy warm glow that makes you feel, aaah...fuzzy inside.

Then later came the girl (who has a golden olive tan) in a bikini.

*Oh, me green with envy. Seriously, I long to be her, but people will turn purple with motion sickness instead, and that will just kill me*

Despite feeling slightly intimated (count in low self esteem, under-confident, wishing I have that skin and that I refuse to give up the pool space and spent an hour in the pool. And guess what, I think the swim did me good.

I feel refreshed.

That's very good.

I should do this more often.


Besides the warm sun, I am loving the Saturday Body Combat Class at the gym and vowed to do it again next week. So get ready to see me hitting the gym on Saturday noons for the next couple of weeks till they move the scheduled class out. Since I didn't leave town for my mom till later today, I have been spending extra crunch time at the gym (yesterday and today, mid you) and had been sweating myself out to compensate the gym days I have been slacking last week.

*Yeah, with the wedding coming up very soon now, what other excuse can I use to (again) skip gym time?*

But all seems to be fruitful, because when I got home today my sis complemented on my "reduced" body size, hahahaah....ok, I have to admit, I have gone down one dress size from 16 to 14 (yeah, I tried gowns at Coast today, and when I use to wear size 16 last month, today, I have to ask for 14.....kan best kalau dapat turun to 12 by 9th Feb??), so, I am taking my sis's complement at face value. Hahahahaah.

*Apa yang aku mula merepek ni? Back to warm and sunny saturday...*

Fast forward 24 hours now I am here at mom's. I missed my bestie's, Rafirah's, birthday party yesterday but then, I was flushed (with the workout and the wedding preps) and hit the nightcap quite early. Sigh. I wish I could have been there, but I was too tired. I am not so sunny when tired, so I RSVP'ed out of the party early so I won't spoil the others having a good time.

I hope they have a good time.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Babe! Don't be mad and hopefully I can catch up next year.

*huge grin*

Will be at mom's till Tuesday...sigh....till then, have a warm and fizzy holiday.


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