Friday, January 9, 2009

Ramblings...and More Coach Bags....

Enough talk about my crazy wedding's bad enough that a lot of people now think that I actually hate my future MIL. But then, I need to make one thing clear before things get worse and everyone gets the wrong idea...

Though people (especially my MIL) drives me crazy....I DON'T HATE ANYONE! Despite my mom's constant nagging (never-ending change in mind), I love her so much and I feel blessed that she's around. I bet she had a hard time coping with my wimp. Hehehehe. And though my future MIL is a drama queen, I believe that one day we will get along fine (yeah, I am an optimist...I always see good in people first....not that it's a good thing all the time, but it surely keep me feel down less) and hopefully this is a standard hiccup that all brides faced before the actual big day.

*Sis...I love you too...heheheh...just in case you think I am too much and driving you insane....remember, I bought that Pink hot water bag in fluffy pink cover from La Senza for you with matching juicy pink socks....remember?? wink wink*


There you go. I hold no grudges. I intend to put everything in my skeleton closet, bury them deep, and smile and worry that I age more gracefully and have less (or better still, no) wrinkles when I hit 45.

*I know, that's ages from now. But prevention is better than cure*

To start my bright sunny Friday (yeah, I am definitely in a good mood today), I am lining up new Coach bags that just make me drool with longing...

*Pics courtesy of CoachNMuchMore*

*Coach Penelope Signature Shantung Shopper in Black*

If I had found this bag last month (time bonus baru masuk) when I drop by Coach @ Gardens, I would have ended with a rental nikah outfit (or something less sequiny or beady) and grabbed this instead. It comes in Gold and Blue as well, and I think its just deliciously perfect for a girls shopping day out.

*Cuz Bailey...if you are reading this....can you buy me one of this? It's definitely cheaper than the watch you bought Jov, and we can set it off with next year's xmas pressie??? Hahahahah!- if only!*

*Coach Penelope Op Art Shopper*

This bag reminds me of Gwen Stefani's LAMB bags, but instead of checkers, we get the white imprinted C's. Cantek kan??? It comes in Ivory and Khaki colors as well, but I think black looks the nicest.

Ohhh....indahnya dunia if I have money to splurge!!!!

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