Thursday, January 8, 2009

So many things, so little time

My calendar is cramping up for the next few weeks....jeez....who ever says that bride is not busy and duduk melenggang je is clearly mistaken. Newsflash, these days you have to be in it to get what you want.

So in between working my ass off on my report (hahahaha....exaggerating!) and knocking on HR's doors for my single status confirmation to be re-issued (I don't understand the hype...issue je la the stupid lettter, as if susah sangat nak confirm aku punya single status...terang2 belum kawin kan), I was unconciously sucked into the wedding blackhole when my mom started talking about pelamin, house deco, the katil pengantin yada yada yada and the list goes on.

And now tetiba je aku freak out.

The thing is my mom nak tukar plan (lagi) and suruh check out astana cindai....apparently they could do the pelamins and deco cheaper and they are really experienced in handling it.

*Yeah, I googled them. They are featured in So that's a recognition good enough for me to give them a second thought*

Bila aku dah start freak out mula la aku start going through the budget again, looking for potentials again, in which is seriously....

Sangat. Memenatkan.

*kenapa la we can never stick to one plan and go on with that???*

I haven't even started with the fact that my mom wants to shift the nikah time again...

*Dulu nak buat malam....tapi kata tak banyak masa sangat and then my MIL pulak penat (yeah, dia asyik bagi alasan penat if...), pastu buat lepas asar, then still complain tak banyak masa, and then sekarang nak buat lepas zohor pulak.....seriously, kalau nak ikut timing semua orang la kan, sampai mati aku tak kawin, and tengah hari buta time matahari tegak tu....panas ok! Tak mau. Kalau buat pagi pulak kata awal sangat. Ok, that's it. Aku tak kira.Buat lepas asar jugak!*

I think if this goes on tak mustahil aku pulak kena heart attack. Dia ingat aku ni apa, patung berhias...orang kata A buat A, orang kata B buat B.


*Sorry meletup sekejap disini. Paranoia is kicking in. This is bad*

Anyhow I am giving my mom some benefit of a doubt. Since I have to find a make-up artist anyway to do my make-up on the nikah day, I might as well check out what Astana Cindai has to offer and maybe they can beat my budget and give us one less headache to deal with.

*Ye la, if they handle the pelamin and fresh flowers settings, then I won't have to worry about shipping the flowers down from KL, so that's one less pain....but still, it must stay within the limited budget I have, of course*

So I called them and set a sit in on the 17th.

There you go. Another weekend away.


Genie said...

ni kak zuraida ke mak akak yang nak kawin ni? hehe. excited plak dia. hihi.

semoga segalanya berjalan lancar akak! =)

Zuraida said...


it sounds like everyone else is getting married...

don't let me get started with the others who think they know better than my mom and start saying that its better done this way and that way....

i curse them under my breath everytime it is ever mentioned...