Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had tremendous fun last night. Thanks to Ika! Yeay!

*bila2 nak keluar lagi sila la ajak i!hahahahaahh*

Anyway, rewind about 2 hours from now I was awaken by a call and was damn late for work. *Nasib baik ofis depan umah* So I had a quick shower (nasib baik - again- that I had my hair washed nicely when I got home last night) and dressed up, grabbed my gym bag (yeah, dah miss gym for a couple of days, hari ni kena qada' balik) and head to work.

*Apa la labu, hari ni bayar parking mahal lagi*

As soon as I get settled in my seat Komala flashed me a look and buzzed...

"What the hell happened to you?"


I personally do9n't think that I looked that bad. Coz seriously, my hair is at it's one of its "good moments" and I feel absolutely on top of the world.

I am confused here.

Then she said..... "You look completely stoned! And your face is red all over"

Damn it! This happens when I don't have enough sleep and a couple doses of hmmmm....sigh. And I didn't even overdo myself. Last night was just a plain simple high. By all definition if I had gone all out, the last night out would do zilch in comparison to what I would have done to myself in yesteryears...

*Which made me I look that bad after all those night outs on weekdays? I suppose back in audit no one cares...hahahahah*


Thank goodness I have my concealer with me today.

Apa lagi...first time in history aku berlari ke toilet pakai make-up.


What a morning.

Though I can't hide them all (yeah, coz if you want full coverage I would have to go with my La Mer foundation....and that bottle sumpah aku tak carry dalam handbag, berat ok!) but then I suppose now I look better.

*huge grin samcked on the face*

Now lets go back to work feeling blotchy no more!


mummy+son+dotter said...

ye, i pasti ajak lagi.

x RELA nk kuar sorang2... x RELA uuuuuuu..

Zuraida said...

tak rela keluar sorang2?
dari bunyi semalam macam dah pernah berlaku je...


*takde niat nak create skandal...sekadar gurauan sahajo*