Friday, February 20, 2009

Bunch of things that needs to be done this weekend....

*me - trying to smile on a bad hair day...and with no make up*

I am *farking* bored. Sigh. Gilo la buat public complaint macam ni tapi what the heck.

So while I am at it...let's take my mind off by wandering over things that I should get done over the weekend....

1. Clean my house

I have been trying to get this done for 2 weeks now, and seriously, I felt like a hamster!!!

*No wonder I love relating to the cute lil thing everytime I pass the pet shop next to Killiney's Uptown*

Seriously. My house is screaming for help. That is a MUST DO and its ON TOP OF THE LIST. Must get done early tomorrow!

2. And since I am cleaning, I better start snapping pics of the stuff I set aside to let go on my new "clear-my-stuff" blog ......All the Pretty Things Must Go.

Hold your horses people. Its not made public yet. Will announce it on due time.

*Korang mesti dah jelak kan dengan statement ni? Lama tunggu tapi tak muncul2. Hahahaha. Takpe. Aku ni late-bloomer. So banyakkan bersabar*

3. Get my nails done @ The Nail Parlour.

Its (again) time to get my mani and pedi, because my cuticles are showing and the I need a hot new color to jazz me up for Wednesday.

*Whats up next Wednesday? Aku coti untuk hahahahaahahah....wink wink*

4. Do laundry.

Did the first half the second half must be done by the end of tonight. With my sis coming over this weekend, if I don't get it done now it might never get done.

5. Sort out my bag wardrobe.

Since "the break-up" (can I consider it that way??...hmmmm), I have been flaunting my bags and shoes and just been dumping them around the house at will. So imagine my living room filled with clothes, and shoes and bags.....and DVD's....and my bag wardrobe - completely E.M.P.T.Y.

I have to start re-organising.

While I am at it, I should get my make-up stuff re-organised as well.

Hmmm....that should be enough....

Nanti banyak2 tak buat apa2 pun tak guna jugak!


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