Friday, February 20, 2009 very own Bedroom Sanctuary CD

After google-ing and email-ing people to get hold of my Bedroom Sanctuary CD (since it's only avaible at certain outlets...mostly are studio's /jamming band that I have never been to....I finally got hold of Bo's latest album....

Inilah Bo Amir Ikram...kepada rakan2 ku yang tak pernah nampak muka dia. Pic courtesy of

And here is the CD I have been raving about yesterday. Got a hold of it from for RM26.50.

Seriously, mungkinkah akan ku dapat signed copy???? Nanti bila dapat thru post next week baru tau...tak sabarnya!!!

Kan rock kalau dia sign "I love you, zuraida".

*Gedegang!!!!Huge grin smacked on the face!!!!*

Muahahahahaha....Mula la tu nak merenyam. Tapi seriously, when I saw him on 8TV he is so charming, I would understand why those pretty young things out there get charmed by his wits.

*Plus he makes good music too....oh my oh my, kalau gaduh je dia tulis lagu, gaduh je tulis lagi lagu....sangat jiwangs!*

Ok, I better stop here before I say too much.Guys, go buy the CD. Support local music.

*Chewah! First time kan dengar ayat tu?*

Next hunt : Atillia. Tahu mana nak cari album dia?


artzLeen said...

I pun tgh cri album die..i've tried to contact him thru FB n ask him how to download his single 'malam ini' but die kate better bile album tros je..hahaa..
so, how's the album? dah dgr sume yer?

Zuraida said...

hi artzleen,

i dah dengar the whole album and i love it to bits! kalau nak beli senang je...u can get it online, the entry has a link so just click the link to