Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting married and feeling sexy???

*pics are all courtesy of If any of you wanna know more just click the link for details - all items featured is from their bridal collection - I'm liking it since it looks very sweet and angelic*

p/s : Tolong jangan gatal nak report blog ni....the review is innocent ok! Tak pasal2 nanti start ada content warning pulak!

There's nothing much on today, so as I sifted through my emails and had my usual morning breakfast, the email from caught my eyes (and would have burnt my wallet if my wedding is on as planned - hahahaha, nasib baik cancel...jimat duit aku!) and it just awed me....i like the sweet pink notes and innocent whites in its lingeries...and here are my top picks!

*Bridal Baby Mesh Doll*

Sangat sweet kan? It's young, it's fresh and its definitely sexy, in a conservative see through way.


But then if you're the type that doesn't mind to flash out and feel a bit dangerous (macam ala2 Pussycat Dolls), this is also quite enchanting....

*Veracruz Brazillian*

Holla sexy mama! Screams ready to rumble! But add a garter belt, and you get something slightly naughtier....

*Adakah orang brazil saje yang seseksi ini sampai the lingerie is also named after brazillians?*

*Veracruz Garter Belt*

I bet any man will feel a bit "offended" with that garter belt. *huge grin smacked on the face*

Dalam hati : Tak payah la nak bayangkan aksi2 pasangan bergelora waktu malam pertama. Heheheheh. Tengok DVD pun dah tau macam mana. For reference - go watch Knocked Up....tak payah guna garter belt pun on jugak. Hahahaha!

Ok, next is an ensemble I think all newlyweds must have....a slip on. Cotton is so faux passe, so for the sexy bride....please go for a satin or silk slip. Okay?

* the model says : kalau nak pakai cotton tunggu la after the first newborn okay? - damn she has a serious face on!*

On top of the lingeries, we can all be playfull with...

*bridal eye mask*

Ni just in case your new partner suka tidur with the lights on, and you - the complete opposite. If I were you I have to have a complete blackout (means no light or any form of light whatsoever) otherwise ko tengok la esok pagi I will wake up a with a somber face.

For the sexy kittens they have this in store.....

*Feathered kitten heels*

Ooh, yummylicious kan? Heheheheh....

And last but not least...if you wanna go with nothing at all.....

*Blindfold and nipple covers*

At least you can cover up one small part there! Hahahaha! Good for role playing.


Ni la akibatnya bila semalam dok kat umah all night tengok 2 season of "Secret Diary of A Call Girl". Getting a bit raunchy ere'!


mylife said...

nipple covers yg tak leh tahan tuh... gelak2 aku... tak yah cover terus je lah.. .lagi senang... ahahahhaha

Zuraida said...


nipple covers dia siap ada ribbon kaler biru on top, u perasan tak???