Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gumbiranya bila ESOK COTI!

Kenapa aku ambil cuti???

Saje.Hahahahah.Mid week pulak tu. As if I have nothing better to do.

*yeah, I wish I have something better to do*

But then I was having second thoughts lately then I feel like retracting...but then its a bit too late.

So what's in the agenda tomorrow???

1. Get my nails done. In which case I have to get Nail Parlour's number so that I can book my mani and pedi appointments....

*maybe I should just head straight to Kota Damansara....I heard its cheaper there? Lagi pun bosan la asyik lepak kat OU ni je. Time kerja kat sini, weekend kat sini...cuti pun kat sini?*

2. I am contemplating on a movie marathon since its Wednesday!!!! RM6 movies at GSC...again kat OU.

*apa ni...OU lagi?*

3. I can head to Peek-A-Boo and get a wash and blow.

4. I can go to Thann Sanctuary. But then their packages ranges between RM300 to RM400.... kinda pricey aite?

I can do like 6 mani and pedi's with that!

5. I have to go and tend to some boring legal stuff (on my condo that has been terminated!) in which they are finally cutting me a cheque (kaching!!!!!).

*On second thought, maybe the spa idea is not so bad? Or maybe I should just go and save it! kemut lebih sikit....go save it!(not?)*

Kan best if (unknowingly) I actually do own my on spa?

*yeah, keep on dreaming*

If you guys are dying to know what I actually do (ahahahahahah! i am a sucker for dreaming big!)....stay tune ya. If you're lucky I might just keep my camera very very close and snap pics!

*sebab lately most of the time I feel uber lazy*

Love uols!

*OMG, tak pernah guna abbreviation itu...what's happening to me?*

p/s to Liza : Chumels....hahahahaha.Gelak syaiton seperti biasa.

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~LIZA~ said...

hahahahahahahahaha! hahahahahaha! zue, tolong la. hahahahahahaha!

ps. have a nice holiday. hahahahaha!

pss. have a nice mani/pedi sessions. hahahahahahaha!