Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It is not the best of days

My world is crumbling to pieces, so I am not in a jolly good mood to talk too much eventhough I am excited about having my cousin around, I got the 4th twilight book for free, and finally got my hands on my new JC charm.

*Cuz, I still can't believe that u ask for the pink candies at Juicy yesterday....seriously, what grown up ask for free candies? Thank God the lady is nice enough to give some to you!*


So key highlights of the day....
  • Late up. Stared the ceiling like a zombie coz I had a bad night. Dried tears piercing my face like hell. But rushed to the shower and showed up for work anyway.
  • Listed down things that I should do today but nothing was done, coz I can't help but stare at the screen and felt loss.
  • Lost all appetite and thinking of running away...which meant that later maybe its a good idea to be at the gym and run till I wear all this dreadfull feeling off.
  • Wondering all day how long I could keep up with this charade. Because seriously, I don't want pity once the news is out. I just want to get back to normal.
  • My food extravaganza (thanks to my cousin) is updated in my foodlog.
  • I love Giselle Bundchen's Ipanema sandals (they are uber cool and comfy!) - I should go get one soon!


My mom say its going to be okay. That we have gone through worse and its okay.

I hope so.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.


Tina Najib said...


are u okay?

elle said...

babe, watever u are facing now, i'm sure u'll emerge as the survivor. coz thats the zue that i know. luv ya.

zie said...

Babe, Hang on okay. I know ur a strong gal , and will get through anything.

Holler me kay....if you need an ear to pour out...