Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its already sunday?

It has been a long weekend,coz I took Friday off to have some personal 'me' time,not that I go out and di anything, I just need a time to think straight, and now its Sunday.


I have been sorting things out at home.Rummaging through piles of things to let go but I am still feeling this pull - the tough feeling to let go. Crap. I love my stuff too much.

Then there's another question - would I feel envious when I see the things I love (which is no longer mine) on someone else and...


I have serious issues.

Ok,now I am going back to deal with it.

P/s: The blog to let go of the things are up,tinggal nak tangkap gambar and post je,so...hold ur horses!hahahah!let me deal with my issues first k!

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