Monday, February 23, 2009

Let'e recap my list shall we...

Out of the 5 things in my "to-do list" for the weekend , I only manage to do 2 of them - that is cleaning the house and do my laundry.

*Thank God! Otherwise me takde baju nak pakai*

.....I didn't get to do my nails , not that its in dire need of a manicure but its super long and irritating now that the colors are no longer even at the base. Since I got Jessica's Bail Fusion last month my nails no longer peels either......but still I feel the need to get my nails attended to. Buang2 the dead skin cells and what not.

......I get to meet my Chill Babes ( Era , Izwain and Shaz) and we spend a good couple of hours watching Valkyrie at Cineleisure. I would have loved to hang out a lil bit more tapi since umah I macam tongkang pecah on Friday and my sis is coming over the next day, aku pun terpaksa balik awal. Sigh.....its okay, we are still game for next Friday night aite?

*wink wink*

......I was awaken early Saturaday morning by Liza for breakfast...and since its a last minute notice, dengan terkebil-kebil la mandi and whatnot. Since my face is still inflamed with pimples yang amat menyakitkan hati dan meragut perasaan, so haruslah before I push out I pakai make-up.....only to overdo it and nampak sangat horror. Sigh. Macam topung gomak (please sebut dengan slang nogori sikit ya!)....ter-OD pulak. Anyway, we had a good time at La Bodega, and piccas can be viewed at Liza's and Farah's blogs...

......Apart from the above I spent time chilling at home (yeah, umah dah bersih bersinar2 kan, lagi semangat aku nak berkurung dalam umah!) watching True Blood season 1, and I just have to say that Anna Paquin is soooo damn cute in this series.

*Ok la cerita dia....not that it drives me crazy like Criminal Minds tapi boleh la, for the fun of it*

And now here I am on a Monday morning back to office.


Hopefully this week is better than the last. The weekdays was so slow last week its practically killing me.

Looking forward to : Zu Lyn's wedding on Friday...hehehe...aku soka!

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