Monday, February 2, 2009

Makan ...tido...baca buku...tengok DVD....

If there is a lazy weekend, last weekend was definitely one heck of a lazy weekend.

*I didn't patch things up with arif. I don't know what to do. But I suppose I have till the end of the day*

I eat (yeap, as in really eat), sleep and watch DVD's.....and this week sat in front of the tube and watched Ghost Whisperer season 4, and 3 other movies (including 24 the movie) sampai my eyes are bulginmg out of its socket. On top of that, I also read 11 chapters of the book, InkSpell, because I feel guilty carrying it in my handbag all week but never read past the first chapter.

And I felt Zen.

Yeah in life is so peacefull and I want to hold on to it as long as I could.

Tell me about escape from reality.

Yesterday in one of the episodes of GW4 I came across a disease called bipolar. Apparently people facing the disease have mental issues to a point that they face constant mood swing from extreme happy to extreme depression and at times, push away their issues and in constant denial.


Suddenly it hit me. Macam tetiba takut tak hengat. I don't want to have bipolar. Sheesh.

*That's me panicking*

So I am trying to keep myself sane. And I am gripping to as many things that I could to keep me sane.

Maybe I should quite my job, go to some foreign island and start over. I am so heartbroken at this juncture the running option seems like heaven.


Enough about all this.

Maybe I should get a show with a more positive message...apart from crossing dead people over to the "light".


Despite the lazy weekend, I feel exhausted. Lets just say that I am lucky I live across the road to office otherwise I would have to call in sick today. Sigh. I try to push everything back, re-organise my stuff and start updating my food log.

Hopefully today things will get better.


Shmea said...

i love ghost whisperer!! :)
it's a mystery to my husband. haha.

puterikurekure said...

nak tgk your foodlog tu!!!!!!!!!!

Zuraida said...

yeah, i love ghost whisperer too!!!Season 4 ni sangat intriguing, hahahah, aku soka. Anyway, i don't think men would ever get it on why we like the show.

Zuraida said...

uish cik kure-kure...

seganla.....nanti kalau aku dah berjaya akan ku releasekan ke mata umum...