Friday, February 20, 2009

Me - Dodging Gym (Again!)

It has been a very slow week....I feel soooo de-energised (hmmm...does that word even exist?). My headaches aren't getting any better anyway, and my body clock is not at proper order (meaning if I go home after work, I will probably hit the sack till about 10pm and later burn the midnight oil like a zombie).

So I have decided to go to the movies and catch a chic flick, and since "Confession of A Shopaholic" won't be out till next week, I am settling with this...

*New In Town*

Story tells about a high-powered career woman who is forced to consider her goals and choices when she is sent to closed down a plant in a welcoming town.

OK, sounds good enough. Maybe there'll be love.

I wanted to get tixs to Valkyrie, but it will start only at 8.30pm and my friends say that it's a bit slow for a war movie. So I'll pass.

Maybe next week I can go on a marathon to watch my favourite Shopahoholic, as well as Chun Li (from Street Fighter) and Punisher kicking as*es!


*I hacked up a bunch of tv series from a collegue and guess what...I am liking the choices I have now. Too bad I leftthe keys to my kensington lock at home, maybe later after the movie I would have to come back and grab my laptop home...and just lock myself in my room for the weekend*

Hope u guys will have a good one!

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