Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Favvy - Estrella CD

I was watching 8TV Quickie catch ups and saw the one with the hottie Bo Amir Ikram promoting his new album , Bedroom Sanctuary, and was loving his music.

It has a taste of Jazzy Rock that I love, and I am so eager to get my hands on a copy of it, but then I have searched everywhere in OU but failed to find one. Sigh. Maybe at the end I terpaksa jugak beli online.

*gigih sungguh*

Anyway, instead of Bedroom Sanctuary, I found Estrella's new album - Estrella.

And I am digging the music.

The tracks is just the way I like it.....calming, and in fact, I have to say that they do exceed my expectation, being an indie group and all.

They are already famous with "Stay" and "Ternyata", but I also love all the other tracks in the album. For less than Rm30 I am a very very satisfied person.

This is so going to be my new coffee music, next to my favourite "Love songs in Bossa Moments". (and when) can I get my hands on Bo's CD?

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MisSy F said...

love em tooo! soothing!