Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pei Wen's Bday Lunch @ NY Deli in OU

As shouted earlier.....went to NY Deli @ OU to celebrate Ms Ee Pei Wen's xxth Bday!

The birthday girl with a brooding smile!

Anyway, its my first time there. The ambience is uplifting. Spacious. Very open and casual like. I was excited to try the food on the menu because from the looks of it, everything is just scrumptious and yummylicious.

I opted for Chicken Ceasar Salad and a set of Fiery Buffalo Wings with good old H2O. Hahahaah! Sorry, no pics of my food coz I was so eager to eat them, I only realised that I should have taken snaps when I was already halfway done. And my verdict was....

Oh semuanya sedap!!!!! Even the rest of the guys who were with me was satisfied of the food!

Sangat unbelievable. Usually there is always something to complaint about.

And what's a birthday without jolly old cake?

Cupcakes and vanilla ice-cream in hot fudge chocolate.....sooooo yummey!

Of course la kan....takkan aku bantai benda ni sorang-sorang. Melampau la tu. We actually 5 person to a plate. So ok la kan.

And look at the carnage once we were done.....

Eargh!!!!!Sangat tak civilised.

But still...had a great meal.

Happy Birthday Babe!

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