Monday, February 2, 2009

Plans , plans and more plans....

I thank God the Almighty for sending my cousin Bailey to town at this moment of least there is somebody who can actually goof around with me and ease up my tension...

*Don't get me wrong. He's here with his girlfriend on a rendesvouz before heading to the City of Lion....I wish I can escape there too but I hate being a third wheel. So having their company for a couple of days is least it takes my mind off things*

And hell yeah I am claiming my JC charm. If he thinks he can get away with it I will burn his New Balance shoes....hahahaah!!!!!

*gelak syaiton!!! Takkan la, after all his trouble to get my 4th twilight mucho love you cousin, sompah aku takkan bakar kasut-kasut you!*

My diet plan (again) is put to halt since I have to go and take him out for dinner at Souled Out later tonight but I told him I am heading to the gym first (for at least one yoga session) so that I won't feel so guilty eating out tonight.

Yeah. Burn some to fill in some. Not such a bad idea.

I hope I have something nice to wear. I usually go out with my jeans and t-shirt but then, takkan la everytime mau keluar ngan jeans and t-shirt je, so maybe I'll take out a nice blouse for today.

*Bila agaknya dia nak bawak I jumpa my dad? Pitiful kan? To only get to see and talk to your own father when your cousin is around....and asking him to convey your messages to your dad over and over again simply because he didn't pick up your calls. Sigh.....*

Anyway, I am sooo looking forward to our May trip...and to hell if I am the only one heading to the islands this year I will make it happen and drag Bailey with me. Who said being married gonna make me all tied up into knots? Sigh. At the moment the idea of being all jammed up and tied up is not too appetising, and I wish I had done something 6 months back.

*What have I done to myself?????*

Tak sabar to pack up and leave.

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