Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sakit perut tak hengat!

I am on mc today.Since last night I have been having serious stomach pain,siap diorrhea sekali.sigh.I think its the garlic baguette kat delifrance that I had yesterday after work.Damn you.Bila tengah gigih berazam tak nak jatuh sakit ni la bagai magnet disease pulak jadinya.

Thanks to those who are concerned.Sigh.Again,I don't feel like talking.But don't worry,I still have my sanity with me.So rest assure I won't kill myself.

Not that I have the strength to do it anyway.

My head is spinning with my stomach now.Kalaula my neighbour would just stop drilling,pasti aman hidup ni dibuai mimpi mimpi.

Yeah,I need escapes from reality.

Till tomorrow.Mwahhs!

1 comment:

~LIZA~ said...

no wonder la u tak online kat gmail.. take care ok babe? *hugs*