Monday, February 23, 2009

So irritattingly unsettling....

...when the stomach is having problems, all other bodily organs seems to be affected as well.

Like the thudding pain in my head worse than being in a "pheng-taw" dance club....buzzing house music that I HATE SO MUCH....

Like the mild sometimes on-sometimes off push and pull sensation in my tummy that's driving me crazy, because its neither a signal that I need to go to the loo (since I went 4 times already up till now and the last one seems to push out nil) nor excruciating pain that can ever render me an MC chit.

Like the back-ache that I have been having all morning, and not even a comfy pillow can fix.


I hate tummy ache!

Cuba la be clear sikit. Kalau sakit tu biar clear cut sakit. Ni macam nak tak nak je sakit. Boarderline case. Sigh.

So I am heading to the panel clinic at OneWorld Hotel (equipped with my ING panel card) for meds....

Better go now. Petang ni ada department bday celebration. Such a bummer kalau nanti I bantai makan cake then later tonight found out that its a bad move coz I should have avoided it at all cost.

Better be safe than sorry.

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